«Reviving» books: how to captivate schoolchildren?


Summer is still holding its mark, but a little more, and the preparations for the school year will capture the thoughts of parents. The rest will end, but how you want the children to study with pleasure and joy. Our selection of «reviving» books will help with this:

— beautiful illustrations and interesting facts,
— heroes come to life in augmented reality on the screen of a smartphone or tablet thanks to the free DEVAR application,
— games and assignments to consolidate the material, training courses as a gift,
— broad topics: history, biology, anatomy, physics, history, society.


«Space. From dust to galaxy

Extra-large deluxe edition: gorgeous illustrations, 700 amazing space facts, over 250 interactive explorations, and a themed learning course as a gift.

«Space: 4D Encyclopedia in Augmented Reality»

Journey through the solar system with an astrobot: more than 230 facts about 62 space objects.


«Dinosaurs: 4D Encyclopedia in Augmented Reality»

33 dinosaurs come to life to control! Find out the distinctive features and meaning of the name, feed them, fly them, compare sizes or assemble a T-Rex skeleton!

«WOW! Dinosaurs»

An exciting adventure with siblings Annie and Danny explorers in the Mesozoic era: over 150 facts about 18 mysterious ancient lizards that can be brought to life right in the interiors of your room.


«WOW! Animals»

Join a safari expedition with brave travelers Danny and Annie! Thanks to augmented reality, you can ride an ostrich, play with a lion and take photos with predators without leaving your home.

«WOW! Insects»

A fascinating story with beautiful illustrations about the largest, most poisonous and most unusual insects! And funny black-and-white sketches of our artists and ironic captions make the book less formal and more emotional.

«WOW! Secrets of the Oceans»

More than 130 impressive underwater inhabitants are waiting for their connoisseurs! With the help of augmented reality technology, you can see bright coral fish, giant jellyfish and dangerous predators.


With the help of augmented reality technology, you can immerse yourself in a drop of water, see what bacteria are made of and how a ciliate shoe works, find out where the cleanest sand on the planet is and many other interesting facts. There are also 20 cool stickers in the book!


«Maya: Legends of Civilization» and «Maya: Mysteries and Legacy»

Listen to amazing ethnic music, revive magical mandalas and themed coloring pages, and learn amazing facts about mythology, main gods, sacred animals, rituals and life of the ancient people!

«WOW! Wonders of the world»

The book tells about 17 amazing creations created by outstanding sculptors and architects («Wonders of the World according to Herodotus», «Seven Wonders of the Ancient World» and «New Seven Wonders of the World»). Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Colosseum, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Colossus of Rhodes — these and many other «wonders of the world» can be brought to life in augmented reality. Get inside the Egyptian pyramid or walk through the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

«In the depths of the ocean»

In augmented reality, your room can turn into the hold of a legendary sunken ship! Dive deep, find treasures and discover 25 amazing legends. An interesting feature of the book is the triple spreads, which contain even more beauty and information.


«Anatomy: 4D Encyclopedia in Augmented Reality»

The 3D model of the body and its parts come to life on the screen: they can be rotated, viewed from all sides, decomposed into its component parts and studied with interactive prompts.


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