Review of INOI kPhone 4G


Any parent wants their child to remain supervised when they are away from home alone. In the modern world, this can be facilitated by buying a smartphone and installing the appropriate software on it to determine the location of the baby, remote access to the gadget and parental control. INOI took into account the wishes of users and released a children’s smartphone, which already has all the relevant functionality. On this, its advantages are not limited. INOI kPhone immediately has recommendations of useful applications for learning and development of a child, which we will discuss in this review.


Gadget Benefits

Creating a device for children, INOI engineers were based not only on the fact that parents should like it, but first of all, children.

INOI phone 4G

The model has a number of advantages.

  1. Ergonomic body. Plastic case with a matte finish, not slippery in the hands and resistant to scratches. The display received a small diagonal by modern standards of 5.5 inches with an aspect ratio of 18:9. This made it possible to make the device small, which is convenient for a child’s hand.
  2. Screen Matrix IPS with permission HD on a diagonal of 5.5 inches. The screen is bright and has good viewing angles. The image is clear — the eyes will not get tired from use.
  3. Available for sale four colors — gold and red for girls, black and blue for boys. The smartphone comes with a bright silicone case with a trendy print.
  4. There is paid subscriptions on children’s applications for development.
  5. Extended functionality for parents – remote access and parental control.
  6. Dual camera – kids will be able to take beautiful photos and shoot videos.
  7. Good performance will allow you to run undemanding games and applications.

INOI phone 4G

Important! The child should like the trendy design of the kPhone, which is reminiscent of modern flagships from the premium segment. The phone looks modern and in line with the trends of 2019.


The INOI kPhone 4G smartphone was created for children, so the manufacturer’s task was not to make it powerful — the filling is typical for inexpensive gadgets, but this is enough to run applications. The company placed great emphasis on appearance — it is really nice and modern, the device looks more expensive than it actually is.. But the main feature of the model is the filling. Here the brand has tried to meet the needs of parents and children as much as possible.


A number of useful applications are already installed on the phone out of the box.

  1. Tracking the position of the child. Through their phone, parents will be able to see where the child’s phone is currently located and view his movements during the day.
  2. Parent’s smartphone displays child’s phone charge. If he sits down, you can send a reminder to put him on charge.
  3. Parental control allows you to see what applications the child used, and set a limit on the time of their use or set a complete ban on the launch. In addition, you can limit the time you use your smartphone in general, for example, while preparing homework or at night, while the call function will work.
  4. Installation of applications is possible only with the consent of the parent – can be enabled or disabled remotely.
  5. Setting the safe zone. If the child leaves the given boundaries, the parents will have a signal.
  6. Remote microphone access. You can hear the environment, for example, if there are conflicts with teachers and peers at school, you can not rely on the words of both sides, but hear everything on your own.
  7. Ability to send a loud call or activate vibrationeven if the smartphone is set to silent mode. The child will no longer be able to say that he did not hear the call.

INOI kPhone 4G rear

Important! The options listed above are built into the software shell of the gadget, so even if the child wants to get rid of excessive control, this will not work. No reset or flashing of INOI kPhone 4G will remove the firmware.

Synchronization with the parent device is carried out through an application that can be installed on any smartphone. All options for setting up the child’s phone are performed remotely — it is not necessary to have access to it, it is enough to synchronize the baby’s phone with yours once, and then you can not pick it up at all.

Complete with INOI kPhone, each user receives promotional codes for free subscriptions:

  • 30 e-books per Litres;
  • a monthly subscription to children’s films and series in IVI;
  • Lifetime subscription to the application «where are my children»;
  • Monthly subscription to Foxford Online School.

INOI kPhone has constantly updated list of useful games and applications for learning and development. There are programs for training counting skills, writing, for learning foreign languages, history or geography. All children’s content is divided into 4 categories: «Education», «Games», «Videos» and «Books». The child, together with his parents, can choose from the proposed list what he likes, and delete the rest. Together with free recommended applications, every little user gets the opportunity to watch cartoons for free in the ivi for kids application for a month, use books and educational materials in the Foxford online school, and also download 30 books from LitRes.

Important! All promotional codes for free access are in the box with INOI kPhone. Including there is a promotional code for a lifetime subscription to the «Where are my children» service for parents, which allows you to remotely monitor the location of the child by geolocation.

It’s great that manufacturers have installed INOI kPhone on the main screen voice assistant Alice from Yandex. It will be interesting for the child to ask Alice a question, to which she will definitely have an answer, and Alice can also play, tell a fairy tale or sing a song.


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