Quality clothing: what it looks like and where to find it.


The density of cotton, as well as the quality of the color of fabrics, are different for all clothing manufacturers.
So what to choose?

Very few clothing manufacturers produce clothes from real 100% cotton, as stated on the tag — this quality, as a fact, we can only feel live.

With the density of the fabric, things are as follows — things with a low density of weaving quickly stretch and fade, but at the same time, the density, for example, T-shirts, should not exceed 200, otherwise it will be unbearably hot in hot weather in summer.

Why do I scare you? What to choose?

Of course, first, we study reviews, look at photos of the model we like, study this brand from other sellers and move on to the characteristics and description.

Try to buy goods from manufacturers who understand what they indicate on their product cards, and not just copy the data from the tag — for example, the SUDAREFF brand is a brand that has recently entered the market, but has already conquered online shopping with its design, prices and sales approach


1. You can highlight the brand’s media content — this indicates its openness to customers and responsibility for every item sold;

2. Wide range of sizes and colors of Hoodies and T-shirts.

The clothes are made from real cotton with professional luxury tailoring — this can be seen on the fitting when you come to pick it up at the point of issue.

China! Everything from there

Indeed, the quality of the material is hard to guess. This is what SUDAREFF uses as its main advantage — the purchase of Italian fabrics directly. This slightly increases the cost of production, but 5 times increases the life of things and the pleasure of customers from use.

Oversize — wherever you look!

What is this word that scares everyone on the Internet? — do not worry, now we will plunge you into this mysterious world of English words with the click of a finger.

«One size bigger» — that’s right. Why??

In recent years, there has been a growing fashion for voluminous things that are purchased several sizes larger than yours. Manufacturers do not stand still and listen to the preferences of customers.

Oversize — so Oversize: now you don’t need:

1. Guessing how much larger to order a thing for yourself so that it looks wide;
2. Go through thousands of things in sifting small sizes.

SUDAREFF has succeeded — the company produces only Oversized items with the expectation of both a young audience and older men and women for whom not only comfort and style are important, but also the price-quality ratio is important

Summing up

To date, the SUDAREFF brand arranges discounts, promotions and actively collects your wishes for shopping for the next collection — do not miss the chance to participate.

Delivery is free, thanks to Wildberries.

And by the way, now there are discounts on all products of the brand from 65%


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