Like in a fairy tale: filmstrips and slide projectors for a child


We all remember how in childhood we closed ourselves in a dark room, pulled on a white sheet, installed a slide projector and got into a fairy tale. Ah, good memories! We offer you to give your child a slide projector, and with it the same unforgettable impressions that you have preserved.

Overhead projectors

If earlier you had to set everything up before watching filmstrips, today it’s easier than ever to watch them. Modern slide projectors are equipped with a speaker, so you can not only watch, but also listen to the heroes of your favorite fairy tale. In addition, the slide projector does not need to be connected to the network, it runs on batteries. And you definitely won’t get bored when the lights turn off at home.

Filmstrips with works of children’s writers

Your child probably loves to watch cartoons with their favorite characters, and with filmstrips these same characters will appear in a completely new light (in the truest sense of the word ☺). In the process of viewing, you will be able to retell to the baby everything that happened in each story and pay attention to small, perhaps previously unnoticed details.

Filmstrips based on Russian folk tales

Such stories will appeal to even the smallest lovers of everything new and unusual. Watching a familiar fairy tale and dreaming together is the best way to spend time.

Watching filmstrips is also a great way to distract a child from a tablet or phone, especially since the latest research by scientists proves the negative impact of gadgets. And you can read about how cartoons appeared here.


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