Learn how to make your Friday dinner unforgettable


How to please loved ones gathered at the dinner table at the end of the working week? Forget about the agonies of choice: the best chefs are already in a hurry to help you.

Lazy recipes — for those who do not like to stand at the stove for a long time; inveterate sweet tooth will be pleased with the book by Tanya Romantsevich, and fans of a healthy lifestyle — PP-recipes from Mikhail Martynov. Daar Zaremi will tell readers about hygge baking, and Ivan Zabavnikov will reveal the secrets of making homemade bread. Embark on a gastronomic journey with the books from our selection!

one. Elena Vorontsova, Olga Danchuk «Lazy cook. Eating without difficulty. All year round without worries»

“All year round without any hassle!”

It is under this motto that we wrote our second book. Here you will find amazingly tasty, interesting, and most importantly lazy dishes. All the recipes that we have collected here are surprisingly easy to prepare and incredibly delicious!

They are all conveniently divided into seasons, because our diet changes depending on the season and the availability of certain products. If in summer you want lightness and brightness of colors on the table, then in winter the body requires more dense and satisfying food.

We really hope that in this book you will find recipes that will become a favorite in your family. And our lazy culinary dishes will delight you all year round!

With love and respect,

Olya and Lena

«Lazy cook»

2. Tanya Romantsevich «Cooking with Tanya»

Unexpectedly guests came, but there is nothing for tea? Or is another birthday coming up and you don’t know what to cook for dessert? Or maybe they are just tired of old recipes and the soul asks for something new, but without confused technologies and exotic ingredients?

If you are familiar with these questions, then this book is for you! The author of the young but popular YouTube channel “Cooking with Tanya” shares the best recipes in his first book. In it you will find recipes for all occasions:

• when a holiday is approaching — a birthday or a new year;

• when you need to quickly figure out a treat for guests;

• when you want a chocolate bar, and all shops are closed;

• just tired of everything and want something new.

Here you will not find unusual and rare products, all the ingredients are simple and affordable, but their new and amazing combination makes Tanya’s recipes ingenious and memorable.

Enjoy your meal!

3. Ivan Zabavnikov “PRO Bread and more. The subtleties of funny baking «

When you bake any of the products in this book, something may not work out for you. You might assume that there is a mistake in the recipe. You can tell that I didn’t say something on purpose. Or that you are clumsy and bread is not for you. Most likely, you will be upset — we are all people with you, this is typical of us. But give this process no more than two minutes. Then remember that you are the master of your life and that blame and resentment are negative emotions that will not benefit you. And, of course, remember one very important rule: we did not immediately begin to walk! Each of us has spent some time learning to speak and write. So why did you decide that any other case should work the first time? Invite your perfectionism in for tea with whatever bread or bun you’ve made. Exhale and go do a new batch! You will definitely get what you planned. Not immediately (or maybe immediately), but it will definitely work out. Set the right goals, then your bread and life in general will bring more smiles.

four. Mikhail Martynov “PP-recipes with taste. For health and harmony»

Proper nutrition, or PP for short, is in trend today. Everyone needs it: after all, some lose weight, others gain muscle mass, and the owners of an ideal figure want to keep it as long as possible. But you need to switch to a healthy nutrition system under the guidance of a specialist.

Mikhail Martynov is a popular food blogger and PP guru, performing athlete, certified nutritionist and fitness trainer. The recipes collected in this book form the basis of his own menu. They are useful, original and very tasty. Cooking them is easy and fast! Not only calories are taken into account, but also proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And the author will tell you what sweet to eat after six without the risk of gaining weight. After all, you can do without sacrifices on the way to good shape. The main thing is to know how to do it.

5. Daar Zaremi «Hygge pastries, cakes, pies and desserts for every day»

The Scandinavian concept of «hygge» means a feeling of coziness, comfortable communication, satisfaction with one’s «here and now». The main attributes are a soft fluffy blanket, a cup of hot tea, a book. And, of course, homemade cakes. As without it! But hygge baking is special: it is devoid of pretentious design, easy to prepare, not afraid of experiments and able to set you on a serene wave even in short minutes of rest at work.

The author of this book, Zaremi Daar, a popular Instagram food blogger, has been living in Norway for many years and knows everything about hygge baking. Her cakes, desserts and pies meet all the canons of Scandinavian comfort: fast, tasty, affordable. You will definitely find among them recipes for all occasions and time of day. And may comfort be with you!


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