How to wipe the handle from the bag?


Ballpoint pen ink always leaves noticeable marks on the bag, but removing them is always problematic. If you simply wipe the place, you risk only worsening the situation — smearing the ink. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right tool that will help.

Faux leather

There are many tips on how to remove ink from faux leather:

1. Laundry soap will help in the fight against a fresh stain. It is necessary to prepare a warm soapy solution, then treat the place of contamination with it. Then dry the bag.

2. Kitchen salt will also help get rid of ink. To do this, salt is laid out in place of the stain, after two hours the mixture must be brushed off with a dry cloth, wipe the surface with warm water and dry.

3. If the ink remains from the gel pen, it can be easily removed with alcohol wipes.

4. You can also use ammonia, but use it in emergency cases, because. it may damage the surface.


As we know, leather is a very capricious material, so in this case it is worth approaching the solution of the problem responsibly, it is best to use specialized tools. On the Internet you can find tips on the use of soda, soap and dishwashing detergent.

We are against the application of these tips. They are aggressive, you never know if this advice will really help or lead to terrible consequences. If you want to keep your bag in a presentable state, it is better to use sparing specialized products that you can buy at a shoe store.


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