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Almost every day on the street you can meet a person who installs his gadget on a monopod to take a photo. This is not surprising, because with its help you can approach the picture more creatively and get the most successful and beautiful frame. How to use a selfie stick, and what to do if something does not work as expected — this will be discussed in the text below.

Device and principle of operation

Before you start talking about selfie sticks and how to use them, you should learn about how it works. A monopod (selfie stick, selfie stick) is a handle with a holder for a smartphone and a retractable design that allows you to remove or bring the gadget closer to the subject, which provides a larger capture angle. There are several types of this device, but in general they have the same principle of operation. The smartphone is mounted on a special mount, and the user uses the button to take a picture.

selfie stick

The stick could be wired or wireless. In the first case, the button is located directly on the case, and a cable with a 3.5 plug is used for connection. This monopod is powered by a smartphone. Bluetooth devices have a completely similar design, but here the device and accessory are synchronized via a wireless connection. These models are more convenient due to the fact that there are no extra wires, and the stick itself can be with a button on the body or with removable remote control. Using the second option, you can fix the device and move away for some distance. The camera shutter in this case is triggered by pressing a button on the remote control.

Some users must have heard of models with a gyroscope. Such a selfie stick works a little differently than those discussed above. The task of conventional sticks is to increase the distance between the camera and the subject. For monopods with a built-in gyroscope, the first function is stabilization. Such a model is designed in such a way that the attachment mechanism is connected to high-speed motors. They track the position of the gadget in space due to data from the gyroscope, and align the smartphone. This is very useful when shooting video, because any hand shake always affects the quality of the picture.

Selfie stick with gyroscope

Important! Stabilizing sticks are usually not equipped with retractable elements due to the fact that they weigh significantly more, and it is extremely difficult to keep a smartphone at a long distance on a heavy selfie stick. The whole point of stabilization in this case is lost.

All monopods with a built-in gyroscope work through own application, which ensures the full functioning of the accessory. Simple Bluetooth and wired models for the most part do without installing additional software, but there are exceptions. They will be discussed in the next section.

Selfie stick assembly

Before taking a photo, the user will need build a selfie stick. All devices are sold in small cardboard boxes, and most of them are packed there unassembled.

Important! A stick usually consists of three parts: a handle, a smartphone holder, and a retractable mechanism.

As a rule, the handle and the telescopic part are a single unit, but in some cases they are fastened with a screw connection.

Selfie stick assembly diagram

smartphone holder — This is a plastic or metal mechanism with clips. They can be mechanical, that is, the adjustment is carried out by a special button. Clicking on it allows you to select the distance and insert the phone. The second option involves the use of a spring. In this case, with an effort, the holders should be moved apart and the gadget should be installed.

Now the user needs adjust the tilt angle. To do this, the monopod unfolds to the maximum length and the user, having launched the camera, sets the angle of the smartphone so that the desired object enters the frame — the user himself, a group of people. Stick length adjustment is carried out by retractable parts. Each knee is fixed by a slight shift in the direction indicated on the body — there is a position in which the parts are extended and in which they are fixed. When the angle is set, you can remove the device and connect the selfie stick to your phone.

Connecting a selfie stick to your phone

Smartphone connection

If the connection is made through the wirethen it is enough to insert it into the 3.5 connector.

Important! Usually this option works exclusively with Android models. But there are gadgets that are compatible with Apple technology. Before buying, this point should be clarified.

Wireless monopods need to be charged first. This is done using a regular microUSB cable, which can be connected to a laptop or charger of the smartphone itself. On average, charging time takes 1-2 hours. Next, it remains to connect the monopod to the phone.

Monopod Charging

Connect to iPhone and any Android device via bluetooth carried out as standard.

  1. Search on a stick is included. How to do this — you need to read the instructions, most often the small switch is shifted to turn on the stick, and the search itself is started by long pressing the shutter control button. At the same time, the operation indicator flashes, when the search is completed, it stops flashing.
  2. Similarly, the user enters the smartphone settings to search for available bluetooth connections.
  3. Next, in the list you need to find a monopod and connect.
  4. In rare cases, manufacturers set a pin code for synchronization. If the gadget requests it, then you should look at the instructions.

When the devices are synchronized, it remains to set up the selfie stick. There are two work options: through the native smartphone application or third-party software. Do you need a separate program — you should read the instructions. If it is provided for full-fledged work, then it must be installed on a smartphone from the Play Market or AppStore. The instructions indicate the name of the application, and very often there is a QR code, by scanning which, a page with the necessary utility will immediately open. When the program is installed, you can start shooting.

How to take a selfie the right way

Many users are wondering how to properly use a selfie stick. It should be noted that there are no specific recommendations in this case. The nuances of each model are usually prescribed by the manufacturer in the instructions, but if we consider the issue as a whole, the instruction will look like this.

Taking a selfie

  1. The smartphone must be firmly fixed on the device.
  2. In order to take a high-quality photo with a good angle, you should first adjust the angle of the holderso that the user enters the frame entirely.
  3. Taking a selfie with a stick with a button on the body is quite simple — fix the desired angle, press the button. Pressing should be softso that at this moment the device does not twitch, otherwise the frame will be smeared.
  4. Many experienced photographers recommend take a few pictures in one position to then choose the best one.
  5. Using a wireless selfie stick is not much more difficult than using a conventional one with a wire. The difference lies in the fact that it can be installed and fixed at a distance, after which, moving away, take a picture. In this case, you should use the main rather than the front camera due to the better photo quality of the first one. But when installing a smartphone, you should think in advance where the user will be, and then accurately take a position in front of the device.
    How to take a selfie
  6. Many models with a remote control have the ability to mount it on the case. This is convenient because the user will have one hand busy, but the downside is that while pressing the button, the stick may twitch. If the user decides to hold the monopod with one hand and remove it with the other, then no need to point the remote at the smartphone. It uses a Bluetooth connection, which does not require direct visibility of the button and device.
  7. The mistake of many monopod owners is that they prefer to use the stick always unfolded. Length adjustment allows you to get different angles, even if the user remains in place and does not move. This opportunity should be used, because, without getting up from your seat, you can get several interesting shots at once. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  8. Another point that owners forget about is that you can not only take selfies with a stick, but also make high quality videos. Surely any person noticed that it is very inconvenient to shoot a video for a long time, holding the gadget with one or two hands. The problem is solved with the help of a monopod. In this case, it does not need to be laid out, just fix the smartphone. The stick acts as a stabilizer, and the video quality is much better.
  9. For more interesting photos, you can try use different applications with effects and masks. They can give a creative selfie, but you should not go too far with them. Sometimes different beauty modes make an anime character out of a person, which not everyone will like.


Selfies are creative photos. The monopod opens up a lot of possibilities for users. There is nothing wrong with copying your favorite photo from the Internet. Looking at other people’s selfies pushes the boundaries of fantasy, but it’s worth focusing on really creative photos, and not photos of people who take pictures of themselves in a public toilet with duck lips. It is necessary to distinguish between what is beautiful and what is fashionable, but banal.

Monopod malfunctions and their elimination

Sometimes it happens that the monopod does not want to work. The most common problem with a selfie stick is device incompatibility. From this, it may happen that the phone and the monopod do not see each other, do not connect, or the selfie stick button does not behave as it should. Of course, you can read in the instructions which manufacturers the stick is friends with, but most often eminent brands are indicated there, and inexpensive devices from China remain in question. This does not mean that you can’t pick up a monopod for them. There is a chance that everything will work. You just need to check the synchronization in the store when buying a selfie stick, and if there is a connection, then feel free to buy.

What to do if the phone does not see the selfie stick, or the button does not work — is described below.

  1. If the devices are compatible and connected by wire, but selfie stick magnifies, not photographs, then the problem lies in the camera settings. The easiest option to fix the problem is to enter the camera settings and see what action is set on the volume button. In order for her to start taking pictures, you should select «take a photo.» If the situation has not changed, then you should look at the instructions. It is possible that the stick requires the installation of its own application. You can predict this behavior even before buying a wired device. Before connecting a monopod with a wire to Android, you can simply enter the camera and press the volume to understand how the stick works. You can immediately enter the settings and see if there is a shooting function with the volume control at all. The fact is that the wired stick is perceived by the smartphone as a headset with sound level control — hence the connection between the button on the monopod and the volume switch on the smartphone.
    Camera setup
  2. If the selfie stick does not work, namely search indicator does not light upthen it is quite possible that it is discharged.
  3. If a smartphone does not see the stickmaybe he has limited visibility. Turn on discovery in Bluetooth settings.
  4. If a Monopod won’t connect, but the device sees it, then the problem may be that you need to enter a pin code. It’s written in the instructions.
  5. If a stick stopped workingbut has already been synchronized with the device, you should forget it in the phone settings and reconnect.
  6. In the event that synchronization has passed, but camera not responding to touchit is worth trying to install a third-party application or software recommended by the monopod manufacturer.
  7. The problem is that selfie stick does not take picturesbut performs other actions, was described in paragraph 1. Switching the action of the volume button or installing a separate application for the camera will help.

Important! If the old stick has stopped turning on, syncing or shooting, then you should not try to disassemble it. The disadvantage of such accessories is that they cannot be repaired. If the stick is under warranty, then going to the store will save you, but if the warranty is over, you will have to buy a new one.

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