How to store, clean and charge a tarot deck


A deck of Tarot cards must be protected and neither children nor animals should be allowed near them. It is better to place the cards in a special bag or box. There are stones, for example, amethyst or obsidian, which are placed inside to “wash away” unnecessary information from the deck.

The cards accumulate information about the questions asked, so at times they need to be cleared. This ritual can be performed by placing them on the windowsill during the full moon, and the light of the moon should fall directly on them. If purification is not necessary during the full moon phase, then another method is used. You should put the cards in a row in a certain order and leave them to lie all night. The old deck, which is no longer used, is traditionally burned.

Tarot cards periodically require recharging with the owner’s energy. To do this, a new deck can be put under the pillow at bedtime. Thus, it will absorb the energy of the owner, and in the morning it must be put away in a box or bag specially prepared for it.

There is also a full-fledged ritual of blessing Tarot cards, for which you need to prepare:

  • purple candle;
  • incense;
  • cards;
  • water;
  • salt.

The order of the ceremony:

  • Burn incense on a pre-lit candle.
  • The deck of cards should be placed in front of the owner.
  • Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, direct the air to the cards and say: «I will give you a breath of air, take its purity.»
  • Next, quickly carry the Tarot cards over the fire of the candle and say: «Now take the heat of the fire.»
  • Sprinkle the cards with water while saying: «I will give you water, the true source of life.»
  • After these actions, sprinkle the cards with a little salt and say the words: «I will give you the land on which the seeds of your strength will sprout.»
  • At the end of the ritual, take the cards in your hands and say: “Let the knowledge of the Tarot penetrate my soul and mind. May these cards open the doors of knowledge for me.”
  • Next, meditate on the cards for 15 minutes, trying to understand their inner meaning.
  • Leave the deck near the candle until it burns out.

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