How to slow down the aging process?


Did you know that hydration can slow down the aging process?
We tell how it happens.
Aggressive external factors can significantly worsen the condition of the skin and adversely affect its beauty and health.
Air conditioners and heating appliances dry out not only the air around us, but also our skin. But we must not forget about the sun, and about the wind, and about temperature changes, and about ultraviolet radiation. All these factors act on the skin day after day, accelerating the aging process, causing peeling, redness and other imperfections. Local immunity falls, which means that acne and inflammation can appear at any time.
Dehydration is also dangerous because it stimulates increased sebum secretion: the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively in an attempt to moisturize the skin. This, of course, does not happen. Only blackheads, comedones and acne appear. And also itching, tightness, discomfort and other unpleasant sensations.
In addition, the manifestations of age-related changes (loss of elasticity and tone, fuzzy contour, wrinkles) appear brighter and brighter.
That is why it is important not to forget about regularly moisturizing the skin. And it is desirable to combine it with anti-aging care.
For this, for example, you can choose the NEO Anti-Aging Gel from Geltek. Like all products of this range, it is enriched with a special phospholipid complex developed on the basis of nanotechnology with dihydroquercetin. This component has an anti-allergic effect, reduces sensitivity, does not cause irritation. Hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration, elastin returns elasticity and tones, reducing the severity of wrinkles. Vitamin C improves the complexion and gives the skin a delicate inner glow, while green tea extract and plankton help fight free radicals.


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