How to restore a laptop battery with your own hands


Laptop batteries don’t last forever. Manufacturers claim that the battery can be completely discharged and discharged 300-500 times, which is usually enough for a couple of years of operation. The battery inevitably loses useful capacity. However, it is not premature to grieve that you have to look for a new battery and spend a lot of money. There are ways to restore a laptop battery. For older models, an extremely simple method is useful, and modern products for Asus, Acer or Packard Bell may require disassembly and replacement of cans.

How to determine that the battery needs to be restored

Determining that the battery of an HP Pavilion G6 or other laptop needs repair is fairly simple. Several signs point to this.

  1. The device begins to lose autonomy, works less and less on a single charge.
  2. When charging, the battery pack gets very hot, above 30-40 degrees.
  3. There are fluid leaks from the battery case.

Situations often arise when the system is simply refuses to recharge the battery. In this case, you will need to revive the laptop battery after it is completely discharged. In addition, various emergency situations arise due to uneven wear, the so-called imbalance of individual cans. Naturally, in case of serious problems, the laptop battery will need to be repaired. With some care, you can do it yourself.

Leaking battery

We use the freezer

Older laptops were equipped with nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries. Such solutions have several drawbacks.

  1. In idle, a sufficiently strong self-discharge current leads to a loss of capacitance.
  2. With prolonged operation, a sharp drop in voltage and operating currents is observed until the cans are completely discharged.

But the main problem with old nickel group batteries is memory. It means that the battery remembers the remaining charge. A battery that is not completely depleted sets a lower voltage limit for itself. And never discharges below this level.

Restoring a laptop battery on nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride cans is done quite simply — using a freezer.

  1. The laptop is disconnected from the charger.
  2. You need to remove the battery from the laptop. If it is built-in, you will have to disassemble the case.
  3. The battery is wrapped in a thin absorbent cloth and placed in a sealed plastic bag, preferably with a zipper.
  4. The package, along with the contents, is placed in the freezer.

keep battery in the freezer you need from 10 to 12 hours. Doing this longer is not recommended. After that, the package is taken out, the battery is pulled out and left in a ventilated warm room. During heating of the unit, condensation may form on it, which must be wiped off. After the battery warms up to room temperature, it can be installed in a laptop. When turned on after the freezer recovery procedure, the battery must be fully charge.

Important! This method is only suitable for nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries. When an unhealthy idea arises to remove the battery from a modern class laptop and put it in the freezer, you need to understand that this is guaranteed to ruin the Li-ion cans inside the device.

Battery disassembly

If there is a need to restore the laptop battery, you need to act carefully. For any type of malfunction, whether it is a breakdown of one bank, an imbalance, an excessively strong discharge, the battery will have to be disassembled. In this case, three situations are possible.

  1. The battery case is assembled from parts, some of which fastened with snaps. To find their position, you need to use a thin plastic strip or a knife to guide along the connection line between the cover and the body. Found latches are wrung out.
    Battery case
  2. Lid and body parts sealed with a hard seal. To disassemble the battery and get to the cans, it is convenient to use a thin strip of hard plastic. If you can’t squeeze out the sealant layer, you should use a thin knife. At the same time, it is not worth exerting significant efforts so as not to break through the entire body or damage one of the cans.
  3. Battery case assembled on hot glue. It needs to be heated to soften. You need to do this with a hairdryer, very carefully. It is necessary to act on a small local area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe seam. It is worth remembering that when heated above a critical temperature, battery banks can fail or explode. As the glue softens, it is squeezed out of the seam with a thin strip of plastic, gradually separating the parts.

Important! It is necessary to start disassembly only after turning off the power. You need to disconnect the laptop charger and remove the battery.

After you managed to carefully disassemble the laptop battery, you need to visually assess the condition of the battery cans. Elements on which there are swellings, traces of streaks, a change in the color of the protective shell are replaced without fail.

Correct desoldering

You need to properly disassemble the block of cans or simply disconnect the controller. First is common wire with zero potential. On the board, it is usually referred to as 0V or GND. To make sure the position is correct, you need to measure the voltage in series on the contacts of the cans coming from the zero contact. Already at this stage, it is possible to determine the breakdown or imbalance of the cans: when measuring the voltage, the step should be approximately the same for all cans.

The unsoldering of the block must be carried out from the point of greatest potential. It is not difficult to find it, by the method already described. After that, the next contact in the voltage hierarchy is soldered. And so on until the battery is completely disassembled into individual banks. If you do not follow the above rule, the power controller will simply block, and you will have to change it to a new one.

Detachment of cans

How to push banks

When the battery is overcharged, its controller considers that the banks are out of order and blocks their work.. Elements need to be pushed — this is the name of a forced charge with a large current to a set of rated voltage. This can be done in two ways.

  1. If the voltage measurement shows sequential increase in value with equal steps, you can simply unsolder the controller and charge the banks from the car charger. It is not necessary to push the elements for long, since exposure to strong current for a long time can damage them. You can also use a car battery for this. With taps from its contacts, they touch the corresponding terminals of the block of cans, a couple of times for 3-4 seconds.
  2. If, when measuring voltage, a difference is found in the value step for individual cans, then there is imbalance effect. Batteries need to be soldered and charged in a special device. Today, there are many adapters on the market that control and eliminate imbalance.

Almost everyone can do such a laptop battery repair with their own hands, with some skills in working with the tool. The main thing is not to rush, find on the Internet a connection diagram for the cans inside the battery, act carefully and thoughtfully.

Replacing elements

The recommended course of action, if a breakdown of a can, deformation of individual elements, streaks is detected, is to replace all battery cans. You can order them on the Internet, at least on the popular Aliexpress site.

Advice! It is advisable to buy elements with the same markings that were used in the laptop battery. But the option of using old cans is also suitable. The main thing is to check that their voltage after a full charge matches the rest of the assembly elements.

How to control wear

Today there are many utilities that will show that a laptop battery recovery is required. BatteryMon program Not only is it free, but it also gives you the most detailed battery data. It is enough to run it to find out:

  • battery class, lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride;
  • factory capacity, new device;
  • maximum charge according to controller statistics;
  • current battery capacity;
  • cell discharge rate;
  • current voltage.

BatteryMon program

Finding out the wear of a laptop battery is quite simple. To do this, divide the statistics data of the controller, the full charge of the battery, by the factory capacity. By multiplying the resulting figure by 100, you can find out the health level of the block as a percentage.

Another program, BatteryCare, monitors the charging process and determines when the battery needs a full discharge to recalibrate. This significantly increases its service life and prevents the imbalance of cans.

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