How to prepare for the arrival of a cat in the house


It is definitely worth preparing for the appearance of a cat in the house. There are a lot of things you need to do to meet your pet. First of all, buy a bed with a low side and properly equip the bed.

Many have thought about getting a pet. Often the choice falls on cats or cats, as they require less attention than dogs, but at the same time bring just as much joy to their owners. It is necessary to prepare for the appearance of any pet — and cats in this regard are no exception. In this article, future freshly-baked hosts will find tips on how to prepare their home for a new family member.

When the date of arrival of the animal is determined, it is worth buying all the necessary things. It is important to find out in advance how the kitten or cat you are going to take eats — natural food or food, what brand, etc. Of course, the animal can then be transferred to another type of food (more preferable for you), but the transition should not be abrupt, so it is advisable to feed the animal at first with what it is used to eating. Don’t forget to prepare bowls for food and water. Here, too, there are some nuances depending on the breed of the animal — for example, the Persians have a flat muzzle, so deep containers will not suit them. It is also advisable to buy a non-slip version of the bowls so that it is more convenient for the cat to eat. Of the necessary things, another of the first things is a tray. Pick it up according to the size of the cat — it should not be too small or too large for the cat to feel comfortable. Also, if the animal is accustomed to the tray, you should find out what type it is used to (with or without a net) and what type of filler it prefers. If in the new house the cat has a familiar toilet, then she will not have problems with going to it right away. All of these are essentials. You can also take care of buying scratching posts, toys and a bed for your pet. There is a wide selection of these things in stores now, so it may make sense to consult with the former owners of the animal or first take a closer look at the behavior of the pet at home, and then purchase all this based on observations.

If you take an animal, and especially a young one, you should expect it to be very active. Moreover, his behavior may not be limited to games with purchased toys and a scratching post. It is worth immediately hiding all the pendants that may be of interest to the cat (for example, wires or pendants on sconces), cover the furniture with bedspreads that are not a pity, and remove the curtains. It is worth closing all the cracks that the animal may be interested in, but it is undesirable for you that the cat climbs there. It is also advisable to remove higher or hide the plants. It may be surprising, but many cats love not only to lie next to flowers, but also to nibble on them. They can also accidentally knock over plants or other fragile things, so it’s best to secure them in advance and remove them from the animal’s access.

Cats sleep buds 17 hours a day. Be sure to equip a sleeping place for the pet. To do this, you should choose and buy a bed. Beds for cats and dogs come in different shapes. Rectangular pet bed with low sides compactly fits into any space.

Rectangular beds are popular with cats who like to sleep on their backs and stretch their paws. They strive for comfort and relaxation.

If you decide to get a cat or a cat, that’s great. Pets decorate our life and make it more diverse. First of all, buy a cat bed and essentials. Before the arrival of a new animal, it will be necessary to prepare for its appearance, and a long process of adaptation may follow. But don’t let that stop you, because the pros of cats outweigh all the cons.


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