How to make laptop sound louder


Laptop speakers are not powerful. But it happens that when playing a movie, video, music track, they play so quietly that you want to add sound. This can be done in different ways. The settings of the operating system are familiar to advanced users. But even if nothing helps, you can make the sound on your laptop louder with third-party utilities.

Most Common Problem

The most common reason why a laptop began to quietly play sound is changing its volume with the system control. This could be done by the user and simply forgotten, or the system settings were changed by the audio or video player. Fixing the problem is easy enough.

  1. In the taskbar, in the lower right corner, there is an icon in the form of a speaker.
  2. Just click on the icon with the left mouse button.
  3. In the volume control window that appears, move the slider to the very top.


If you cannot increase the volume in this way, you may have installed personal settings for the program being played. To check this, just start the controller. In its lower part is the inscription Mixer. By clicking on it, you can get to the section where you can make the sound of any of the currently used applications louder or quieter.

Adjusting system parameters

You can increase the sound on a laptop using system stream handlers. To enter the desired settings block, just:

  • go to the control panel, Start — Control Panel;
  • find the icon or menu item Sound;


  • select the tab or section Additional features.

Amplify the sound on a laptop allows you to option Leveling volumeto be enabled. During playback, the system will automatically raise the peak and average value of the stream to a level acceptable for the sound card.

Codec settings

The codecs that are installed in the operating system by default do not allow you to fine-tune the sound on a laptop. But this possibility is offered by third-party manufacturers. To get volume control at the codec level, just install the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. It can be downloaded from the Internet, from the manufacturer’s website, and used completely free of charge.

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

During installation, the codec pack will install one of the standard MediaPlayer Classic players. It is with its help that you need to open a movie or audio track in which there is a weak sound. During playback, by clicking on the menu Play-Filter-FFDshow decoder, it is easy to get to the codec settings.

MediaPlayer Classic

The user is offered a fairly fine adjustment. You should go to volume sectionby selecting it in the left column of the window. Here you can increase the main volume level by preamplifying the signal. Or adjust each of the playback channels separately, achieving a good sound picture.

Important! For this volume setting to work, you should check the Volume checkbox, activating the work of the parameter change section.

Setting playback in the player

Installed with the Codec Pack, MediaPlayer Classic offers an easy and straightforward way to increase the sound on your laptop. When playing, it is enough to press the left mouse button on the video area or the working window when playing audio. The drop down menu has section Audio. When you hover over it, you can get to the Options block.

MediaPlayer Classic’s sound options have the following options:

  • make a very bad sound better by checking the box Convert to 44100 Hz;
  • add a medium level sound by activating the Normalize item;
  • Amplify the quiet sound on the laptop to the limit using the pre-gain control.

By changing the options offered, it is easy to adjust the volume to a comfortable or maximum possible level. However, you can improve the sound on a laptop in this way. only when using MediaPlayer Classic.

Preamplification by means of the operating system

One non-standard sound setting on a laptop is adjusting frequencies using an equalizer. By raising all the sliders at the same time, you can get an increase in volume without noticeable distortion of the frequency range.. To get to the desired settings, you should right-click on the speaker icon.

In the menu that appears, just select your playback device. Further, by going to the properties and the Improvements tab, the opportunity opens up to activate the equalizer. Boosting frequencies allows you to increase the volume.

Important! Improving the sound on a laptop in this way has limitations: the drivers of some sound cards do not allow you to move all the frequency sliders separately. Instead, the user is offered presets such as Rock, Disco and others. It remains only to choose the most suitable of them.

Using multiple handlers at the same time

The method discussed above, how to improve the sound on a laptop using the control panel, also works for speaker settings. You should enter the Improvements tab of the playback device settings in the way already described.

You can make a very quiet sound louder by activating several handlers at once. In addition to the already mentioned equalizer, it is recommended enable virtual surround sound and loudness.

Speaker properties

Important! It should be noted that such settings are always available in Windows 7. The ability to adjust the sound in the same way in Windows 10 depends on the type of audio card and its drivers.

If the inclusion of several handlers at the same time did not give a result, but on the contrary, the sound on the laptop became quieter — turn off everything except loudness. After that, you need to check the box Disable all sound effects. All of the above settings, from using the equalizer to using software processing of surround sound, can be done by the VLC media player.

Third Party Utilities

If everyone can improve the sound on a laptop with a regulator, then not every user will decide to go into the system settings or change the parameters of the playback device. The optimal way out for such individuals looks like installing a special utility. They all have undeniable merit. When you change the settings, they are applied to the sound in the system and all applications at the same time, and not just in a specific media player.

A very popular and well-known program for amplifying sound on a laptop is Letasoft Sound Booster. According to the developers, it is able to raise the volume by 5 times at maximum settings. There are many utilities of this kind on the Internet.

Letasoft Sound Booster

Advice! Before using each, you should carefully study user reviews in order to evaluate the functionality and stability of work in Windows 7 or Windows 10.

As a conclusion

Stress testing the laptop speakers is highly discouraged. The volume of system settings or software utilities should be raised carefully. If its level causes the speakers to wheeze, then they will quickly begin to rattle even with a quiet sound. It is also possible that the loudspeakers will fail completely. This means that the user, with his tricks, has made it necessary to carry the laptop for repair. Therefore, with any speaker volume adjustments, the main thing is to act rationally.

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