How to independently install and connect a video intercom


People who decide to connect a video intercom are often confused. They don’t know where to start. In fact, installing a video intercom is simple. It is enough to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, to understand the contact diagram given in the documentation for the model. Work is especially easy if you need to connect to an access intercom. It is enough to act carefully and carefully.

How to connect a wired video intercom with an electromechanical lock

Consider the most difficult situation, when installation of a video intercom in a private houseand all work is done from scratch. In this case, you will not only have to independently choose the locations of individual components, but also connect them with a cable and check the operation of the system with an electromechanical lock.

Wiring diagram

Choosing where to install components

When choosing a place where a video intercom will be installed in a house, it is necessary to provide for both the convenience of identifying a visitor and using the system as a whole.

  1. call panel installed at a height of 155-160 cm from ground level. In this position, the camera will confidently capture the face of a visitor of almost any height.
    Call panel installation
  2. Hang up a video intercom as close as possible to the point of supply. So you have to cut less channels for laying cables and placing the power supply.
  3. Height from floorwhere you want to install a video intercom, should not cause inconvenience to any family member. Everyone should see the control buttons and the display.
  4. The lock is set at the middle of the height of the wicket door. Or, if the height is insufficient for its convenient opening with a key, at a level of 1 meter above the ground.
    Video intercom height

It is recommended to double check whether the installation height of the video intercom from the floor and other positions of the modules are correctly selected in terms of cable laying convenience. After the points where it is planned to place the intercom are determined, it is worth attaching individual components and delineating their contours. This will facilitate further work on their installation.

Which cable to connect

The types of cables that will have to work are usually specified in the installation instructions. one model or another. Also, in the normal delivery version, they are included. But you will have to work with your own wires, since the ones offered by the manufacturer are too short. Therefore, a multicore signal cable will be used to connect the power supply, lock, and create an electrical power distribution network.


Advice! It is recommended to choose wires that are designed for laying outdoors or in the ground. This will ensure the reliability and durability of the system.

To broadcast the video signal, wires corresponding to the type of cameras are used.. If these are analog devices, you will need a coaxial cable. Digital cameras broadcast data over twisted pair. You do not need to buy a high-speed cable of the fifth category. Suitable standard, designed for laying outdoors. To buy the right amount of wires, it is necessary to measure the length of the connections along the already outlined contours of the system components, giving tolerance on each up to 10 cm.

What tools will be needed

Depending on the characteristics of the walls and the material of the gate, the set of tools may vary. But in general you will need:

  • knife;
  • perforator and a set of drills, peak, blades;
  • screwdriver;
  • wall chaser for cutting drywall;
  • saw or grinder with discs for working with metal;
  • pliers, hammer;
  • insulating tape;
  • a set of protective clothing;
  • drill;
  • metal perforated tape;
  • euronails.

Video intercom installation

Also, to install the system, create connections and carefully place components, you will need to stock up:

  • sockets;
  • RCD;
  • corrugated tube for cable laying;
  • cable channels.

It will not be superfluous to stock up on a small amount of gypsum mixture, a spatula, a supply of water and a container for mixing the solution.

Mounting algorithm

In all work with system components, it is necessary pay attention to terminal markings. In modern devices, they are connected by wire in accordance with the color. Understanding the structure of a multi-core signal cable is also not difficult. Each wire in it is marked with its own color.

  1. Call panel installed. It is disassembled, a place is marked, holes are drilled for bolts and at the end of the gate for the power wire. The cable is connected, the second end is switched to the lock controller.
    Call panel connection
  2. Lock controller is located in a place protected from water. It is necessary to place the module so that it is convenient to connect the lock and the calling panel to it. For example, wall it into a wall or place it in a small homemade shield.
  3. Mounted on the gate from the street identification key reader, from inside the door open button. The wires from them also lead to the controller.
  4. Hosted lock and door panel power supply. It is also convenient to do it on the street. It is recommended to buy an adapter with water and dust protection.
    call panel
  5. Commutations are checked already placed devices. A common cable from the controller is pulled into the house. The color matching of the cores and terminals is remembered. The wire is laid in a corrugated pipe, which is placed in a trench.
  6. In the house monitor is installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It can be hung on fasteners or placed on a bracket.
    Monitor mount
  7. The monitor’s power supply is located.
  8. Produced switching in the house wire from the street and internal power lines from the power supply. The external input is connected as yellow to the input of the audio monitor, black to common, red to 12V power supply plus, white to the video channel. The corresponding intercom terminals are marked with color, and on the external wire — in accordance with previously recorded color pairs.

Advice! After the connection of the intercom without a lock is made, it is recommended to sign the taps, install the terminal sockets, the automatic disconnection.

The last stage of installing an electromechanical lock is the most critical. Do-it-yourself work must be done with maximum precision. The lock is mounted without distortions so that there is no tongue movement effort: only in case of proper fit, the relay has enough power to open the locking circuit.

After all installation work is completed, you need to program access keys. This is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Upon completion of the work, you can check the operation of the video intercom by opening the lock while making a call. If necessary, the connections are checked and modified. At the end, strobes and mounting slots are covered with gypsum mortar.

How to connect an intercom to the entrance

The easiest job is to connect the video intercom in the apartment to the entrance intercom. In this case, you need to use the already laid low-current network. The video intercom connection diagram implies it switching in the break of the control circuit. To do this, you need a special adapter-controller.

Intercom connection diagram

Important! When choosing a video intercom model, it is immediately necessary to provide for the possibility of using it in an existing entrance access control system. For example, Korean products do not provide for such integration. Other video intercoms are compatible with some domestic address buses. Still others are switched by universal adapters.

Connecting a video intercom to the access network is done as follows.

  1. The wire leading to the drive system tube is cut off or disconnected from the tube after it has been dismantled.
  2. The access line is switched to the corresponding terminals L+, L-.
  3. Further, all components of the video intercom are connected to the adapter. The terminals on the call panel, monitor, and other devices fully correspond to the adapter contacts. In which blocks to switch this or that module, you should find out in the instructions for the controller.

After switching, the entire system works in exactly the same way as the usual tube worked before. Only the adapter combines the video signal, the command system of the control unit, as well as the channel for transmitting call signals and audio into a single environment. In addition, after connecting the controller to the user new ports are available for switching additional cameras, call panels with recording and motion sensor.

Features of connecting an electromagnetic lock

If you need to connect a video intercom to an electromagnetic lock, you need to pay attention to the difference in the contact groups. Only the release signal comes from the ACS system. At the same time, there are three terminals on the electromagnetic lock:

  • control unlock;
  • zero wire;
  • blue or yellow — status control.

Electromagnetic lock

Video intercom is connected only two cables — this is green to the unlock terminal and red to the plus of the power bus. This scheme is true regardless of whether the installation of a wireless video intercom or the installation of a classic system.

Installing and configuring a wireless video intercom

The installation of a wireless video intercom is carried out according to the already given scheme.

Important! The only thing that will have to be taken into account is the replacement of the batteries of individual modules. Typically, in wireless systems, they are powered by batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery. Therefore, when placing parts of the video system, it is recommended to either leave access to the compartments or provide for convenient dismantling.

All modules are placed at a distance not exceeding that specified in the product documentation. Lock connection is done through a power controller, which is a separate component of the system. To set up a wireless video intercom, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Video intercom connection

Possible malfunctions of video intercoms and their solution

No matter how perfect the video intercom model is, it will definitely have malfunctions. Depending on the cause of their appearance, you may need to either simply clean the components or go to a service center.

  1. No camera picture. This can mean both a breakdown and a blockage. First you need to check the condition of the protective glass of the call panel, then make sure that there is no electromagnetic interference field.
  2. The microphone does not transmit sound well. The most common cause is pollution. The grid is being cleaned. If it doesn’t help, it’s worth checking the state of the soldering of the contacts on the board, as well as the resistance of the microphone coil.
  3. Electromagnetic lock does not work. The reason may be the displacement of the device and a change in the friction force between the contacts.
  4. The video intercom does not work, there is no image on the monitor. The case can be both in a cable break, and in the complete failure of the matrix.
  5. The relay does not open the electromechanical type lock. It is necessary to clean the node, check the contacts. If it does not help, you will have to test the coil and carefully remove rust on metal elements.
  6. The code is not dialed, the call does not work. The reason is a cable break, broken contacts. It is recommended to check the call panel, if necessary, replace the button.

Oddly enough, intercom malfunctions occur much less frequently than with ID cards or keys. If the latter do not work, it is worth cleaning the pads. This is done with alcohol, both on the keys and the identification module. But if the contactless card does not work, most likely, its internal antenna is broken and the key must be completely replaced.

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