How to Increase Productivity in Six Minutes a Day


Dominic Spence’s diary «6 minutes» and diary «6 minutes. Diary of Success» have become bestsellers: now they are filled by more than three hundred thousand people around the world.

Each diary is preceded by about a hundred pages of text in which Spence explains his principles. They are simple: you need to live productively and consciously. To live productively means to single out the most important things and see them through to the end. To live consciously means to understand your needs and act in accordance with them.

Spence promises victory over the chaos of everyday life: the diary and diary help you acquire good habits, focus on tasks, notice the good parts of life, structure your life and achieve more with little effort. Individualization of achievements, calmness and harmony are much more pleasant than peppy cries of other motivators. Here, they do not try to make you a superman, but they help you to “wipe the glass” and see your own desires and possibilities more clearly. Before starting to fill out the diary, Spenst offers pages on which the reader can reflect on their values ​​(and rank them in order of importance), determine how values ​​​​and habits are connected (and highlight specific goals for achievement).

The diary consists of pages-days with templates for filling. Spence explains in detail to the reader what exactly should be done: six minutes a day should be enough to work with him (in my opinion, six is ​​not enough, but ten or eleven will be just right). The author creates a structure suitable for daily appeal to himself, as if «collecting himself in a bunch.» The structure is very simple and clear. Each page is provided with a quote (there are amusing ones, but there are also controversial ones, for example: “I say “no” to the good! I say “yes” only to the best!” — this seems to be contrary to the principles of the author). Spenst calls the main thing of the day a cake and offers to make it right away, right in the morning; the second and third cases are “cream”, and the rest of the cases are “cherries”. Another of the interesting things is the habit tracker and lists of entertainment that Spenst suggests compiling along with to-do lists.

In the diary of success, the owner can measure various indicators of his own psyche on a scale from 1 to 10 (focus and concentration, creativity and inspiration, etc.), as well as how things are going in the family, in relationships, with finances, and so on. The diary is well structured. It will appeal to those who love order and certainty. There is a clear, transparent and reasonable instruction. Here you are guided a little, everything is explained to you in the most detailed way, your own reflection is carefully dosed and directed in a positive direction. You’ll also love it if you’re an introspective teenager or young adult. The diary will appeal to those who are mired in procrastination, slightly prone to despondency and do not feel very well what the meaning of his life is.

But if you are an energetic and irritable workaholic, whose main value is a sense of humor, then Spence’s diary is rather contraindicated for you, because it is beautiful and correct, like a Sunday sermon. You will immediately want to paint it with skulls, mock quotes, and instead of daily gratitude, enter cynical curses. But still, give him a chance — give yourself just six minutes a day.


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