How to give money to make it interesting?


Everyone loves money and everyone knows it. Even friends and girlfriends before the holiday say:

Pss… Give money, no gifts.

Your any friend

Yes, yes, yes, then everyone comes and gives envelopes, and someone is even too lazy to buy an envelope and throws it off online. Moreover, it is clear who is throwing off what amount, the anonymous person is crying.

But there is a solution, gentlemen, we kill a couple of birds with one stone:

  1. We solve the problem with anonymity.
  2. Giving will be interesting and not banal, but this is a whole surprise and a storm of emotions.
  3. Just a surprise, you can brag on social networks.
  4. A lot of money at once — a lot of moods.
  5. Plus it comes with cake!

So here is the solution itself Cake Topper or its other name Cake Money

  • We purchase a box
  • Putting money in bags
  • Packets in a box
  • A box in a cake, by the way, the instructions are on the product photos

Ask the confectioner to place the finished box of money in the cake and cover it with cream. You can arrange not only in the cake, there are a couple more ideas at the end of the article. Read up…

And not only money … Briefly about ideas

Buyers are very creative, as the reviews say. Here are a couple of ideas on how to use boxes:

Wishes with money

Combining money with wishes is a cool idea. When pulling out the tape, read the wishes and fix it all on video, an invaluable memory!

Gender party

The birth of a child is happiness. The most interesting thing is to find out the sex of the child. How to make it a surprise?
In each bag randomly put blue or red paper, and in the last bag the true gender of the unborn child. So buyers have already embodied, you can see in the reviews.

Photos with memorable moments

Consider bag sizes before printing photos. The sizes are specified in the description.

Box in flowers

Box in a basket under sweets