How to fix a bag with a zipper?


In fasteners for bags, briefcases, zippers are most often used. This method is convenient, reliable in comparison with a magnetic lock, does not create unnecessary trouble, like buckles. But with heavy use or a sharp jerk, the lightning can fail. What to do if the zipper breaks? First, you need to find out what exactly the problem is, and then decide whether to give the bag for repair or fix it yourself.

The reasons

Not all zippers can be repaired by hand, in some cases the only solution is to replace it completely. However, most zippers are quite simple, so you can resort to repairs at home.

If the lock on your bag:

1. Plastic. Most often, such locks are sewn in such a way that they are not visible, so in this case it is best to replace the zipper with the master. It should also be borne in mind that instead of individual teeth for plastic fittings, a spring is often used. If it breaks, you need to contact the master who will fix the breakdown.

2. Metal zipper lasts better and much longer. Such lightning withstand aggressive impact and sharp jerks. Metal runners are rarely loose, but even in this case, they can simply be gently tightened.

The zipper does not close

A heavily used zipper can quickly stop closing. Most often this happens due to the fact that the slider is weakened, and the gap between its sides is greatly increased. As a result, the jumper of the lock unbends and the use of lightning becomes impossible. To fix the slider, you need to return the plates to their place, for this you need to do the following:

  • Take the slider to the beginning of the lightning in an even position;
  • The body of the slider is compressed with pliers until the sides snap into place;
  • Then try the slider’s move.

This set of actions is more suitable for metal zippers, you need to work more carefully with plastic ones. If it is not possible to press the side plates, the slider should be replaced.

The slider jumped off

If the slider jumped off from two sides or one, then you can put it in place, or replace it with a new one. To install, carefully bend the limiters, put the slider and return it to the beginning of the zipper. Then the limiters must be clamped. In many cases, especially with plastic runners, it is recommended to replace the loose part with a new one, as the repair is a temporary solution.

Lightning spreads

What to do if the zipper on your bag is broken? This problem is quite common, but fixing it yourself is problematic. The simplest and best solution would be a complete replacement of the lightning by the master.

The lock closes tight

The zipper is tightly fastened — the problem of new bags or, on the contrary, old ones. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to lubricate the teeth with wax or soap. You should not try to lubricate with cream or oil, as after they will stain your bag.


  • Inspect the zipper for threads, dust;
  • Rub the slider or teeth with wax or soap;
  • Check for smooth running.

The tongue broke off

A broken off tongue is one of the simplest breakdowns that can be quickly dealt with with a regular paper clip:

  • Bend the outer edge of the paperclip;
  • The bent end is pushed into the hole of the tongue on the slider to the fold;
  • Next, you need to bend the paper clip, which can even be done with your fingers.

But this method is not aesthetic and is a temporary option, of course, you can wrap the paper clip with some kind of leather cord, but it is best to take the bag for repair.

Curvature of the teeth

The curvature of the teeth is most often associated with the ingress of threads or the edge of the lining. You can solve this problem in the following way:

  • Inspect the zipper, removing debris and threads that could get stuck;
  • Wipe dust with a damp cloth or napkin;
  • Align the teeth using an awl or tongs, as a result, all the teeth were parallel to each other;
  • Place a board under the zipper;
  • Tap the teeth with a hammer to lock them into place;
  • Check the performance of the lightning, depending on whether it closes or not, do all the same steps, or complete the repair.

Replacing a runner or dog

Very rarely the slider fails and needs to be replaced. You need to look at what size your slider is (the size number is written on the back of the slider) and buy a new one at any sewing store, install it yourself.

The sequence of actions for repair is as follows:

  • Gently bend the edge of the limiter, removing it from the teeth;
  • Remove the slider, inspect the surface of the teeth, if they are curved, then it is necessary to align.
  • Put the new slider in place, draw to the beginning of the zipper and align.
  • Squeeze the restraints.

How to extend the service life

Any breakdown will not happen if you follow the rules of operation:

  • Pull the slider parallel to the edges of the zipper;
  • Inspect the places of contact between the slider and the cloves, clean them of debris;
  • Do not stuff the bag to the point where the zipper is difficult to fasten;
  • Do not allow foreign objects (scarves, bags, linings) to get into the zipper;

If you can’t fix the lightning with your own hands, you can contact the master who will restore it or replace it. Proper care of the bag allows you to extend the life of the zipper and other fasteners without repair.


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