How to decorate the table for the arrival of guests?


Table decoration is a completely creative process! And in creativity, as you know, there is no good and bad, there are only inner feelings of beauty.

Therefore, we will not tell you about the required colors and the number of candles on the table. Decorate to your taste!

However, here are a couple of general tips:

  • It is better to lower the ends of the tablecloth 20-25 cm below the tabletop, and close the legs with corners. Therefore, the tablecloth should be chosen 40-50 cm more than the length / width of the table
  • It is better to put placemats under the plates. They will give a modern look to the composition and make it clear which appliances are intended for which guest.
  • To make the napkin look neatly folded, you can use a special ring
  • Stick to the concept of the holiday and choose decorative elements suitable for the situation or season

Get creative! Candles and candlesticks, decorative vases, napkin holders, placemats, candy racks, flower or branch arrangements, garlands, decorations, dried fruits and berries — anything can decorate your table. Start only from your preferences. Look for what you like.

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