How to create a haze effect in epoxy?


Often, when looking through the jewelry works of real professionals, you can stumble upon author’s techniques that use the effect of a kind of “haze”: colorful patterns solidify in the thickness of a transparent epoxy resin, which makes the jewelry unique and interesting.

Surprisingly, you don’t have to have a few years of experience with epoxy to make this effect, just try it a few times, following the recommendations, and you will learn how to work in this technique!

In order to create a smoke effect decoration, you will need the following materials:

  • Epoxy resin jewelry, 1.5kg

2.) Jewelry molds

3.) Dyes for epoxy

4.) Accessories for working with epoxy resin: containers and mixing sticks, etc.

5.) Toothpicks or medical syringe.

Liquid epoxy or low viscosity will allow air bubbles trapped during mixing to quickly escape to the surface of the pot.

A.) Smoky effect with a toothpick

First you need to mix the epoxy resin strictly according to the proportions indicated in the instructions. Stir the resin for at least 5 minutes clockwise and counterclockwise, scraping the material from the walls and bottom and containers and mixing vigorously again. Pour a small part of the mixture into another clean container and add into it any dense specialized dye for resin until a rich shade is obtained. You should get two containers with resin: transparent and colored. Use transparent resin to fill in the silicone mold. Try to do this carefully without sharp splashes so that many bubbles do not form (one of them can be removed with a toothpick. Take a toothpick or other thin stick, dip the tip into the colored resin and then insert the colored tip into the transparent fill, moving it in different directions ( both vertically and horizontally.) If you feel that the “haze” is not saturated enough, you can dip the tip of the toothpick directly into the paint and do the same.

B.) Haze effect with a medical syringe

Without putting a needle on the syringe, draw up some colored resin and put on the needle. Lower the needle into the fill and start slowly squeezing the material into the thickness of the transparent fill, while moving the needle from side to side: so

you will be able to control the direction of the “haze”.


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