How to connect iPhone to TV via USB, Wi-Fi, HDMI


Smartphones are no longer a luxury, but an essential attribute for both students and employees of various companies. New generation phones have excellent technical characteristics: large memory capacity, wide multimedia capabilities, high screen resolution. One notable feature is synchronization of gadgets with TVs, which allows you to display various files on a wide screen, such as videos from Iphone. Let’s consider the main ways how to connect an «apple» smartphone — iPhone — to a TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV

WiFi Features

The WiFi module built into the Smart TV will allow you to connect without the use of wires and additional devices. This is by far the most convenient method of synchronizing and transferring information from one device to another.

Proprietary AirPlay video streaming technology

Manufacturers of «smart» TVs take into account the desire of mobile device owners to watch streaming video. Models from brands such as Samsung and Philips are equipped directly from the factory with AirPlay support through built-in software: MirrorCast and AirScreen, respectively.. This approach determines the stable operation of the communication channel and the optimal speed of stream translation. To use AirPlay technology on Smart TVs of other brands, you need to look for suitable third-party software

Important! To implement the connection of the iPhone to the TV «over the air» it is necessary that the devices work in the same Wi-Fi network.


The connection order is as follows:

  1. On the TV, launch the desired application. If the program provides a synchronization option, activate the mode.
  2. On the iPhone, enter the Home application, and wait until the gadget recognizes the TV as an external display.
  3. Register the found device in the application.

The AirPlay pairing protocol provides the following:

  • high quality streaming video transmission;
  • duplication on the TV screen of images from iPhone;
  • desktop extension.

Using the DNLA protocol

DNLA is a widely accepted wireless standard that allows devices to communicate. Connecting an iPhone to a TV using this technology is also possible. To implement DNLA pairing, you need to install on your mobile device AllCast application. This program is available to download and use for free from the App Store.


After installation, the user needs to start the streaming mode in the application and send a test video. When launched, the program will start searching for compatible devices. If the Network mode is activated on the TV in the corresponding DNLA client, the devices will see each other, and the TV screen will start playing the video sent from the iPhone.

In an established connection, reverse data exchange is also possible. Through the application on the TV, the user can access the information stored in the memory of the mobile phone, access to which is appropriately configured in the AllCast program on the iPhone.

Connecting via Apple TV

The AppleTV branded smart set-top box will allow you to connect your iPhone wirelessly to a regular TV. The device takes on the role of an intermediary, since it is equipped with support for the proprietary AirPlay data exchange protocol over the air. In such a wireless connection, the set-top box receives video streams from the iPhone, and it also redirects the broadcast to the TV connected to it via the cable interface.

apple tv

For the first pairing of an iPhone with a TV in tandem with AppleTV, the following manipulations will be required.

  1. The AppleTV must be physically connected to the TV with the appropriate interface.
  2. Your iPhone must have the set-top box management utility installed.
  3. To establish pairing, the application launches Screen Mirroring mode.
  4. The smartphone starts looking for a prefix working in the home Wi-Fi network.
  5. When the device is found, you should click on the name and in the connection confirmation window that opens, enter the code displayed on the TV screen.

Important! In further communication sessions, the devices will be synchronized automatically.

Features of pairing iPhone with TVs of various brands

In the production of televisions, companies use various technologies to provide wireless communication with other devices. Some manufacturers may endow their models with proprietary software solutions, like Samsung and Philips mentioned above for using AirPlay. LG TVs are preinstalled with the Smart Share app for DLNA networks.

Smart Share for LG TVs

Smart Share app for LG TVs

Other brands may not offer proprietary software. For Smart TV, the iPhone owner will have to select a suitable third-party product.

Advice! For smart TVs running Android OS, you can try the BubblePnP utility with DNLA pairing support.

Ordinary TVs that support the DNLA standard can be connected to an iPhone through the AppleTV set-top box.

Connecting with HDMI

You can also connect an «apple» gadget to the panel through a multi-component high definition interface: Modern TV models have at least one such connector — HDMI. To connect the plug to a smartphone, you need a special adapter from Apple.

For series 4 phones, this is a Digital AV Adapter, and for 5, 5s / c devices, a digital AV-Adapter Lightning is suitable.


Further, the synchronization process is quite simple: the devices are turned off, the cables are connected to the TV panel and to the phone via the Lightning connector. If your phone does not have a micro-HDMI jack, you can use a micro-USB-to-HDMI signal converter. After turning on the devices, the necessary settings occur automatically, but in case of an error, you will have to do this. manual method. To do this, on each device, activate «HDMI» as a signal source. If the synchronization is successful, the picture from the smartphone will be displayed on the TV screen.

With other connectors

How to connect an iPhone to a TV if the latter does not have an HDMI connector? In such a situation, you can use composite input, but since a direct connection is not possible, you will need the same Digital AV Adapter. Moreover, through an adapter, it is possible to synchronize equipment even with a VGA cable, but the sound will need to be output separately.

In general, you can easily connect using various wires and special adapters. For 3G/3GS/4 series phones, a composite cable manufactured by Apple — “USB AV” is suitable, it is installed in the RCA jack. All plugs are marked with their own color, which eliminates confusion during the connection process.

The iPhone 4/4S will require the purchase of an Apple AV HDTV component audio/video cable. 5th generation devices are connected via a VGA Lightning adapter.

Apple AV combo cable

Combo AV cable for Apple

How to connect iPhone to TV using AV cable:

  • turn off the connected equipment;
  • connect each plug to its corresponding output;
  • when switching via a vga cable, output audio separately with an acoustic cable or via a lightning connector;
  • 5 or 4s series phones duplicate content on the display, but 3g or 4 display programs;
  • The USB connector is used to charge the iPhone during playback.

Phone connection via USB

Sync iphone with TV via The USB output is quite simple, and the phone’s battery is recharged during the connection process, which is quite convenient.. If you connect an iPhone to your TV via a USB connector, then the smartphone will not play content, but act as removable storage. Depending on the phone model, you should connect a micro-USB cable and a 30-pin or Lightning connector.

This method is most often used to display images from the gallery on the display, as well as when making presentations, reading documents.

When wondering if it is possible to connect an iPhone to a TV, the user can choose any of the four main methods. Naturally, there are alternative methods, such as using an Apple TV set-top box or less legal options, but they are not as popular among experienced smartphone owners. Fans of «apple» technology will also be interested in how to connect the iPad to the TV.

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