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Synchronization of mobile devices with a computer is a necessity that sooner or later arises for any user. If most often there are no questions with Android devices, then connecting an iPad to a PC can be more difficult. Below we will consider how such switching can be carried out.

Wired connection

The first and most logical way that will arise in your head when the question arises is how to connect an iPad to a computer — use USB cable. It is included with each tablet, and you do not have to buy anything separately.

Important! In order to start working with the tablet via a USB connection to a PC, the user will additionally need to install iTunes. If it is already on the computer, then it should be updated to the latest version to eliminate errors or failures.

Connecting iPad to Computer

When the application on the PC is updated, you need to connect the tablet to the computer. For this, it is taken standard cable supplied. On one side — Lightning or 30-pin (depending on the generation of the gadget) it connects to the iPad, the second side is inserted into a desktop computer via a USB output.

After the user is able to connect the iPad to the computer, the iTunes app must be opened or updated so that the connected device appears and the iPad itself indicate that this PC can be trusted. To do this, select the appropriate button in the window that appears on the tablet screen.


Trust this computer

With iTunes, the user will be able to move files between two devices, sync, backup or restore a mobile gadget after a failure.

Wireless connection

In order to connect an iPad to a computer via Wi-Fi, the user is required to enable sync directly in iTunes and on your tablet. To do this, you must first connect the iPad to your laptop (PC) with a cable and, after entering iTunes, select the «Browse» item. It will display the connected gadget, open the settings and find the item «sync this iPad over Wi-Fi». By ticking it and saving the result, the tablet can be turned off.

Now you need to open the iPad settings and in the “general” item, check “sync with iTunes over Wi-Fi”. Now, to connect one device to another, the owner should only click on the «sync» button. This connection method also allows you to transfer photos, videos, and music from your computer to your iPad.

sync with iTunes over Wi-Fi

Important! At the same time, the devices do not have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it is necessary that both have access to the Internet.

iPad instead of flash drive

The advantage of Apple technology can be considered a large amount of storage, and if the user has purchased the largest options for 128 or 256 GB, then he may have the idea to use the iPad as a flash drive. There is one caveat here — in order to gain access to transferring files from one PC to a tablet and vice versa, both must have a suitable program installed for this. Most popular options:

  • iTools;
  • WiFi drive;
  • documents.

iTools allows you to get full access to the file system of a tablet of any generation (Ipad mini 2, iPad 4 and older versions), but the downside is that the user will also need to install this utility on the PC. The inconvenience is that when going on a visit or meeting to work with a client, installing your software on someone else’s gadget is not always convenient and correct, and without it it will not be possible to exchange information.


WiFi Drive works wirelessly and does not require the installation of any additional software, the software has support for popular cloud storage, as well as foolproof protection, that is, the user will not get access to system files. The disadvantage of this method is that only file-by-file data transfer is possible, and the speed is limited by the Internet connection. If you need to transfer a couple of photos or documents, then the method is quite convenient, but in order to download a large folder of files, you will have to send each file manually, which is a long time.

Application Documents convenient in interface, but requires the presence of iTunes both on the PC and in the tablet itself. It is obvious that it is not convenient to install it on someone else’s device.

Application Documents

As a rule, after trying all the methods, the user either starts to think that buying an iPad was a stupid idea, and it is much more convenient to use Android in this regard, or goes deeper into the issue and learns about Jailbreak.

What is Jailbreak

Jailbreak is a kind of «black market» applications on iPad or iPhone. It is installed as a device firmware and provides access to numerous applications that make life easier for owners of apple gadgets.. At the same time, there are utilities here that you will not find in the official store, as well as utilities from the App Store, but already hacked, that is, they do not have to be bought, but can be installed for free.


A description of the Jailbreak installation will not be given in this text, since the procedure varies for each gadget and requires care, because otherwise it may fail and the gadget will have to be restored.

Advice! If you need to make such firmware, it is better to look for specific recommendations and the firmware itself on the Internet for the appropriate request, for example, «Jailbreak for iPad 2 32Gb». It is important to understand that the firmware version may differ not only from the model, but even from the amount of memory within one model.

After installing Jailbreak, the user only needs to buy PwnTunes utility, which costs about 13 dollars. The price may seem high, but it is difficult to overestimate the ease of use — without iTunes and any other utilities, the device will appear in the connected drives on the PC, and you can simply copy files from it to the computer and back, regardless of whether the iOS system is capable of working with them. That is, with this application, the iPad can really become a drive for direct data transfer.

No connection between computer and iPad

What to do if the computer does not see the iPad? In this situation, there are few possible problems, as well as ways to solve them.

  1. Necessary reboot both devicesby disconnecting them from each other.
  2. On a tablet, the user may have forgotten to activate the “trust this PC” option.
  3. If the iPad does not connect to the computer, then you should make sure that iTunes updates are installed.
  4. The reason for the lack of connection may be non-working cable or USB connectors.
  5. In some cases, the problem is that iTunes was not installed along with Apple Mobile Device Support app. This usually happens automatically, but it can fail. The problem is solved by reinstalling iTunes.

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