How to choose panties for a girl?


Children’s underwear performs several functions. Beauty, warmth, protection from dirt and irritation. Properly selected underwear creates a microclimate.

Requirements when choosing children’s underpants

1. Quality tailoring. The more accurately the linen is sewn, the more likely it will serve you for a long time.

2. Fabric material. When choosing natural fabrics, we provide ventilation to the baby’s skin.

3. Care. Underwear should be washed after every wear. Choose models that are machine washable to make your life easier.

4. Design. Children love colorful fabrics with patterns. Having picked up such models, your child will be happy to wear underwear.

Linen made from 100% cotton does not stretch and quickly loses its shape, it is good if it contains 95% cotton and 5% synthetics. These requirements are met by the model: article 73829762. The product will be more elastic and more durable. It is not recommended to choose models from wool, it can cause allergies and poor thermoregulation.

Pants should be relatively loose and not hinder the movement of the child. There should not be too many seams so as not to rub the baby. It is not recommended to purchase underwear with fasteners, beads, so that a small child cannot put foreign bodies in his mouth.

There are different types of panties for girls: slips, shorts, tango, etc.

Do not forget that the child’s underpants need to be changed every day! Cut off labels, excess thread, and other items to avoid chafing. Buy enough underpants to have a spare in case of a replacement. These simple rules for choosing panties for girls and caring for them will allow your baby to grow and develop every day to the delight of parents!


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