How to choose chairs with sanitary equipment?


One of the most commonly used medical household appliances is the sanitary chair. This is a chair with a built-in reservoir used as a toilet. It is often used by the elderly and people who have undergone certain surgeries or injuries. This is a very convenient option for those who find it difficult to get to the restroom on their own. Read on to find out what types there are and what you should pay attention to when choosing.

Design classification

With collapsible design.

It has folding removable footrests, folding sidewalls and armrests, a removable receiver-reservoir.

With non-separable design.

It has a built-in receiver-reservoir.

With wheels.

There must be a parking brake to hold the chair stationary and reduce the speed of movement.

Without wheels.

Tips on legs should be removable, but securely fastened, which should ensure safety from arbitrary slipping.

Chair dimensions

The convenience of its use depends on how correctly the dimensions of the sanitary chair are selected:

— The height of the chair should correspond to the height of the person. For convenience, most chairs now have adjustable legs, thanks to which you can choose the optimal height.

— For adults, the width of the seat must exceed 36 cm, and for children — 21 cm.

— For adults, the seat depth cannot be less than 28 cm, for children — 20 cm.

Maximum permissible load

The standard load option for adult seats is up to 120 kg. If the weight of a person is greater, then it is worth choosing models with an increased seat width and a reinforced frame. Usually, in the description of goods, all these characteristics are prescribed, and if not, then be sure to ask the seller about this value.

Varieties of armrests

Basically, armrests are an indispensable element of an ambulance chair, however, depending on the features of the model, they can be folding or not. The option with folding handrails will be especially convenient for people who cannot independently move from bed to chair and back.

Extra options

If a person with limited mobility is often taken to examinations, sanatoriums or to the country, it is better to purchase a folding chair. It will be more convenient for transportation. If you intend to use the chair for a long time, and not temporary, then for comfort, you can choose chairs with a soft seat and back.

Usually, the choice and purchase of a chair with sanitary equipment does not cause any particular difficulties, but if you have any difficulties or doubts, write to us, we will be happy to advise you.

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