How to choose a video eye: types, functions


The video eye is an excellent device for getting up-to-date information about what is happening on the threshold of the house or on the stairwell. In 2019, they are becoming more and more affordable and no longer surprise anyone. How to choose a video peephole from the whole variety of available options is described below.

How video eye works

The video peephole for the front door is a fairly simple device that consists of camera and monitor. The camera is mounted in the hole for a regular peephole, and the monitor, depending on the type of model, can be installed directly on the door inside or be located in any other place. It all depends on the type of camera. Inexpensive models use conventional wired options, while more serious devices often have IP cameras that connect via Wi-Fi and can transmit an image anywhere in the world.


The principle of operation is very simple: the camera, which is located outside, captures what is happening and transmits the picture to the monitor in real time. Moreover, depending on the model, the functionality can be significantly wider. Among the popular features of the video door peephole:

  • overview of the space in front of the door — a standard feature of any model;
  • covert surveillance of the landing or threshold;
  • video recording and photo (on a call to the door);
  • enabling automatic recording when there is movement in front of the door;
  • answering machine;
  • the function of talking with visitors through a locked door.

Entrance door camera can be framed or unframed. In the first case, it is made in the form of a regular peephole and completely replaces it; in the second version, a miniature camera is installed under the existing peephole. Such devices have a significantly lower price tag, but the downside is that the installation is quite complicated. Such cameras are chosen by those who want to save money and assemble the system themselves. Case models are a ready-made kit, the installation process is much easier.

Recording method

Regardless of the type of camera, they may differ in the recording method. Some devices show video constantly, others only work when the call button is pressed, there are devices with a motion sensor and recording, that is, monitoring is carried out after someone has appeared in the sensor’s coverage area. In addition, cameras are often Equipped with IR illumination to record at night. Without such an element, it is impossible to understand what is happening behind the door in the dark.

Matrix type

An important point when choosing, which must be taken into account, is the type of matrix installed in the camera. More expensive, but high quality in terms of picture quality is CCD matrix. Its minus is a higher consumption, if the device is powered by batteries not connected to the mains, you will often have to change them. The second option is CMOS matrix, it shoots much worse, but it is also cheap. Energy consumption is low.

Image color

The electronic door peephole displays the image in black-and-white or color variant. It may seem that the color version gives more information about what is happening, but professionals note that the black and white picture is less grainy, and at the same time it has higher clarity.. In addition, such models behave better in low light conditions, if the camera does not have infrared illumination, then the black and white version will ultimately give the best image.

Important fact! Black and white recording takes up less information on the media than color.

Black and white video call

Signal type

Another important point is the way the signal is encoded. Cameras can be digital or analog. analog camera can output to TVs, monitors, tuners or VCRs with appropriate support. Usually these are old devices. The main disadvantage is that when rewriting, the quality will drop. The plus is that if the observation for the street door through the peephole is assembled independently, and not a ready-made kit is purchased, you can use an old TV or monitor. digital recording is recognized by any modern devices and does not lose quality with repeated rewriting. Models with digital coding are more expensive.

It is important to understand that an analog signal can be converted to digital, but this requires a special decoder.

Types of video eyes according to the method of transmitting information

Like any other type of technology, the video door peephole is represented by a large number of options. Each buyer can choose the most optimal for himself, but for this you need to understand what to look for when buying. The first thing the user should decide is the method of data transfer. In the modern market, you can buy a wireless video peephole or a regular model with wires and a monitor.


In the case of a wired device, the design is very simple: the camera in the peephole of the door is made in the form of a tube, which is the same size as the hole in the door, and the monitor is mounted directly on the door. These elements are interconnected by wires. The camera can be powered from the mains or from autonomous elements — battery or accumulator. The second option is considered more convenient, since you do not need to additionally lay wires to the outlet, but, on the other hand, the batteries should be changed periodically.

Wired video peephole

Important! Wired models are not convenient for double doors, because you have to lay communications between the camera and the screen somewhere on the side, which is very impractical and difficult.


Wireless models differ in that they have a module installed that transmits the image from the camera to the display. Moreover, the latter can be placed anywhere in the apartment, and not necessarily placed on the door.

In the category of wireless peepholes with a video camera, additionally allocate IP models.

IP video peephole can broadcast the recording to the Internet, and it can be seen anytime and from anywhere, and conventional wireless models have a transmission module only for communication with the monitor that comes with the kit, that is, they are effective only if the owner is at home.

The IP video eye is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi module. The user can install a special application on any device or go to the site to view online what is happening in front of the door to his home. At the same time, the distance from the place of residence can be any, you can go on vacation to the other side of the world and be able to quickly see who has come.

IP video peephole

Additional functions

Any video eye can be distinguished by an extended set of functions.

  1. IR illumination required for night time monitoring. It is not perceived by the human eye and does not interfere with those who stand in front of the door. It can be turned on manually, automatically when the lighting is reduced, or by a motion sensor.
  2. photosensitive element. It is he who starts the IR illumination, if automatic switching is provided.
  3. Motion Sensor allows you to save battery life, as well as memory if you are recording. In this case, when an object appears in the field of view of the sensor, the camera will turn on and will record until the movement in front of the door ends.
  4. GSM function expands the capabilities of the camera. Firstly, in a simple version, she takes a photo if someone presses the bell and sends it to the owner of the apartment on a smartphone or tablet. In more advanced models, it can be used to carry out two-way communication, that is, to talk with the visitor.
  5. Recognition function is the automatic opening of the door. The camera recognizes the owner and opens the lock on its own. In some options, there is no automatic recognition, but the lock can be opened remotely through a special application.
  6. An additional function can also be tamper sensor. In case of unauthorized opening of the door, it will send a message to the owner on the phone, which will allow him to promptly call the appropriate services to prevent theft.
  7. Function doorbell.

Selection Tips

Choosing a video eye is not difficult. First of all, the user needs to decide on the functionality of the device: whether he needs notifications on his smartphone about hacking, as well as a GSM mode with the ability to open the lock. You also need to look at the following points.

  1. best to buy black and white camera with CCD matrix and digital signal. This provides a better picture and the ability to re-record the video if it is necessary to provide it to the authorities (for example, there has been a theft in the entrance and a recording of visitors is needed). Such models are more expensive. If the user just needs to understand who came, then a color CMOS matrix will do. This will save you money.
  2. The user needs to decide whether he wants to save on the purchase and assemble the kit himself, but it will take a lot of effort to install. If there is no constraint on funds, but you do not need a complex installation, then the best option is a ready-made case kit.
  3. When choosing a viewing angle, you should decide whether you need information about visitors or observation of the stairwell. In the second case, choose panoramic view with an angle of 180 degrees (possible maximum).
  4. In order to save resources (memory and autonomy), it is better to buy a model with a motion sensor and enable recording on it.
  5. If the door is single, and there is always someone at home, then it is cheaper to buy the simplest option with a wire. A wireless device is suitable for a double door, and if the apartment is often left unattended, then the best choice is an IP camera with remote access.
  6. Do not forget that the eye can mounted on a street door — if it is a private house or inside the entrance. In the latter case, there are no special requirements for operating conditions. Installing a video peephole in the front door on the street will make the user make sure that she is not afraid of high and low temperatures, as well as water (rain, snow).
  7. If necessary, record video to the user hard drive required. Its volume will depend on what the camera has a matrix (a color image takes up more space), and whether it is constantly recording or not.

Video peephole VS video intercom

Quite often, when choosing security elements for a home, buyers ask themselves what is better — a video peephole or a video intercom. There is no definite answer to the question, since it all depends on what exactly the user needs and the installation location.

Video peephole VS video intercom

Difficulty of installation

A video intercom is advantageous in terms of the fact that it is often designed for more severe operating conditions, however, it is structurally more complicated and requires serious installation knowledge. After all, not only a camera and a monitor are installed here, but also a control panel through which a call signal is received and video or audio communication is carried out, as well as communications between all elements. The video eye in this matter is much simpler — a camera and a monitor. Of course, it can be difficult to install GSM models and those that can write video, since you need to install a drive separately. But still, experts who professionally install surveillance systems indicate that video peephole to put easier.

Image quality

This parameter is worse for the intercom. The difference is especially noticeable at night and in the evening. The video intercom has a lower viewing angle and range. Technically, the camera is only there to show the face of the person directly in front of it. The video eye has a higher range, angle and clarity. Due to this, they allow you to conduct quite high-quality observation over a larger area of ​​\u200b\u200bspace and give a clearer result.


The last thing worth noting is that only expensive GSM video eyes have the function of feedback and opening the door, and intercoms are equipped with this by default, at least with voice communication. In expensive models of intercom systems appears the opportunity to see the guest.

Advice! If the buyer needs to put surveillance on the door of an apartment or house, then it is better to choose a video peephole. If this is a gate or a gate on the street or a door to the entrance, then it is advisable to buy a video intercom. Thus, when choosing, one should take into account the purpose and specifics of use, and not compare parameters.

video call

Advantages and disadvantages of video eyes

The expediency of buying a video eye depends on the assessment of the pros and cons. For some users, the cons will seem more significant, which will lead to the decision to leave an ordinary peephole or choose a video surveillance camera (video intercom), and in other cases it is much more convenient to stop at an electronic peephole.

  • invisibility compared to a conventional surveillance camera;
  • ease of installation;
  • the cost is lower than that of a video intercom or video surveillance system;
  • you can connect the peephole to the video surveillance system at home;
  • allows you to understand what is happening behind the door at night, if the entrance or street lighting is not provided;
  • you can record;
  • depending on the type of peephole, the video can be viewed remotely;
  • durability — most body cameras are designed to withstand impact and even survive a shot.
  • unlike a CCTV camera, the peephole can be painted over or glued;
  • the maximum viewing angle is 180 degrees, the camera can provide a 360-degree view;
  • a high-quality video eye with a maximum set of functions (GSM) is quite expensive.

The best video eyes

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