How to choose a TV in 2019


The functions of modern televisions have long stepped beyond the broadcast of terrestrial TV channels. Equipped with operating systems, they have become real home media centers. However, wide functionality has a downside — high cost. Which TV to buy for the home so that it does not need to be changed in the next 5 years, and at the same time not to overpay for unnecessary options? A reasonable choice depends on several important points: diagonal size, screen resolution, matrix type and other parameters. How to choose the right TV in 2019 — we will tell below.

Which diagonal to choose

The screen size of the TV receiver for the buyer is one of the key parameters when choosing a device.

Advice! If the room in the house or apartment is spacious, then you can safely choose a TV panel with a diagonal of 42 inches or more. For a kitchen or a small bedroom, a 27-32-inch screen is enough.

TV selection

Experts advise to be guided by the following criteria.

  1. Decide on the location of the TV.
  2. Take into account the distance from the screen to the sofa or chair. It should be comfortable for the viewer
  3. To what extent the selected model will harmoniously fit into the room, taking into account its size.

Most often, buyers prefer panels 32-55 inchesas those belong to the affordable price range. The cost of TVs with a diagonal of 65 inches and above is significantly higher than acceptable. It is worth paying attention to TVs from Finland, TV choice allows you to buy them at affordable prices with excellent service.

Screen resolution

Another important criterion for choosing a good TV for your home is the screen resolution. The following options are currently on the market.

  1. HD (1280˟720 or 1366˟768 pixels). Typical for small, inexpensive models of the budget segment.
  2. Full HD (1920˟1080 pixels) — the most common option, typical for most TVs in an affordable price range.
  3. Ultra HD or otherwise 4K (4096x 2160 or 3840x 2160 pixels) is the premium segment of the TV panel market.

Since the vast majority of digital TV content is currently produced in Full HD clarity, you can choose a TV with this resolution.. To view on-air and IPTV broadcasts with an Ultra HD TV, the buyer will not receive any advantages, with significant costs for equipment.

Today, the amount of 4K content is quite limited: it is offered by large online cinemas, as well as pay TV providers. But there is every reason to believe that over time this format will become more common. Therefore, if the budget allows, and a TV receiver is purchased not only for watching TV shows and movies, but also for active gaming pastime, then for the future, you can safely choose an Ultra HD TV.

What is the benefit of HDR

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) format reproduces what is captured on camera as realistically as possible: the brightness and depth of color shades are not distorted. Modern premium 4K TVs support HDR playback with 10-bit gradation, 2020/DCI-P3 color gamut with Dolby Vision technology. These characteristics are not inferior to the quality of viewing in digital cinemas.

Important! It should be reminded of the condition: the benefits will be noticeable only when viewing the content in the appropriate quality.

Currently, HDR10 content can be found in modern games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, satellite and cable TV providers sporadically include channels broadcasting content in Ultra HD format in paid packages.

Matrix type

The range of TV panels offered on the market differs in the type of imaging technology used in the design. Depending on the type of matrix, TVs differ in the following markings.

  1. LCD — These are ordinary LCD panels with backlight from fluorescent lamps. Such models are the cheapest on the market, they do not have high image reproduction quality.
  2. LED — improved LCD panels with LED backlighting of one of the Edge or Direct types. At the moment, these are the most popular models. They cover almost all popular diagonal sizes, attract with decent image quality and affordable price.
  3. QLED have been produced under the Samsung brand since 2018. The letter Q in the name indicates the appearance in the LED screen of an additional element that improves the quality of the picture — a layer of quantum dots. Quantum Dots technology expands the color spectrum, resulting in deeper and clearer hues. Such TVs are more expensive than conventional LED-panels, but do not reach the premium level.
  4. OLED — the most advanced technology. Screens with a matrix on self-luminous organic diodes do not need a separate backlight, so they are the thinnest. They differ in the best picture characteristics: realistic color gamut, response time and viewing angle. The prices for such TV panels are quite high.

Matrix selection

Benefits of Smart TV

In addition to conventional TV receivers, manufacturers produce TVs equipped with an operating system, the so-called Smart TV. The presence of hardware and software additions is practically turns TV into computer. The most requested Smart TV features are as follows:

  • online cinema;
  • IPTV;
  • viewing content from mobile gadgets or a computer over a Wi-Fi network;
  • social media clients;
  • communication with other devices (game console, webcam, headphones, flash drive, music center, and others);
  • 4K streaming with HDR on top models.
Advice! When choosing the best TV model, it will not be superfluous to take advantage of the experience of other buyers. Reviews about specific models and other useful information (for example, discussion of new products, useful options) can be found on thematic forums.

Availability of tuners for digital TV

As you know, in Russia in 2019 the transition to digital broadcasting is being completed. When choosing a TV for viewing DTVB, you should pay attention that the device is equipped with a tuner for decoding the digital signal of the DVB-T2 format.

It is worth noting that all modern models, as a rule, have this module.

To watch cable/satellite TV, you will need the ability to decode the signal standard DVB C2/S2. In the absence of a built-in tuner, you will have to separately purchase a TV set-top box.


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