How to choose a tarot deck


The desire to buy a deck is spontaneous, but it is deliberate. Sometimes I saw a deck of cards and everything immediately came together, but more often we think: “Will the deck meet my needs ?, will I be able to guess on this deck?” Today we propose to discuss how to choose a Tarot deck for yourself.

You can go to a bookstore: touch the cards, feel the weight, «feel» the deck, or you can buy via the Internet, focusing on your inner voice, the color of the cards and Tarot stories. When buying in an online store, you should follow a few rules.

  • It is advisable to understand why you need a Tarot deck. Is this your first deck or do you want to diversify your divination possibilities? Or maybe you collect interesting decks? The more answers you have, the easier it will be for you to navigate the description of the decks when choosing the one.
  • Look at the images of the cards — do you understand the plots you saw on the cards.
  • Try to imagine the deck you have chosen. It is desirable that the new deck awakens your imagination.
  • Make a purchase only in trusted online stores so that scammers do not spoil your shopping experience.
  • You can see reviews about the quality of cards, print quality.

Your deck is your tool and it might be worth trying new options and discovering new opportunities for yourself. Imagine that the Tarot of Luck deck is already in your hands, it is of a convenient format, easy to lay on your hand, it is convenient to hold and shuffle. From the deck comes a light pleasant light, perhaps a light pleasant melody, a subtle smell of good luck.


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