How to choose a sadhu board for beginners


On the Internet, you will find many boards of various sizes, materials, with a different number of nails and even a pattern. So which one is right for you?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the pitch of the nails: for a beginner, it should be 8-10 mm. Although if you are an extreme and want to invigorate your whole body, then you can choose 12 mm right away, they are more suitable for a professional. Therefore, remember: the smaller the distance between them, the easier it is to stand.

board material. Boards are made of wood, plastic or rubber. Why are wooden boards more in demand? Because they are made of natural material (ash, pine, birch), they are stronger, more durable, but they are heavier than boards made of other materials. Rubber and plastic boards are lighter, more durable, not afraid of moisture, but not environmentally friendly.

Next, we move on to choosing the integrity of the board. They are solid or collapsible. The latter are suitable for those who often work out outside the home and are ready to carry boards with them. They consist of two boards that can be compactly packed into a case.

The material of the nails themselves. The most commonly used galvanized nails are, so to speak, simple construction nails. Steel or forged nails, bullet nails are more aesthetically pleasing. But both types of nails rust quickly when in contact with water. Copper and copper-plated nails. Due to its unique properties, copper kills almost 100% of bacteria, and does not rust when in contact with water. There are also silver-plated and gold-plated nails.

The next thing we pay attention to when choosing an important Sadhu board is a drawing made of nails. What does it affect?
There are three standard types:
Hexagon (flower of life)
It is assumed that the pattern will determine how evenly the weight of the body will be distributed. But those who have been practicing “nailing” for a long time claim that there is no difference. So you can choose the pattern that you like best.

Also, when choosing a sadhu board, we look at the color and pattern on the board itself, here you can find various design solutions. The choice is yours.

In the assortment of our Jolijoy brand there are boards for every taste: these are functional boards with a pitch of 8 mm (article 45330720), and popular boards with a lotus image, a gift set, a pitch of 10 mm (article 15846276), or a pitch of 8 mm (article 34497359) .

Choose a board that will become your guide in nailing.


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