How to choose a niche and selective perfume?


Many people know about the existence of the so-called niche and selective perfumery, but not many people know what it is. In our country, as a rule, they do not make a distinction between these two concepts and believe that niche and selective perfumes are one and the same. In general, this term refers to exclusive fragrances containing rare and often natural ingredients, produced in very limited quantities. Such perfumery has a lot of fans and is highly valued among perfumers around the world.

What is the difference between mass market and luxury?

Women’s perfumes from the mass market and luxury categories are what we usually see on the shelves of cosmetic stores and catalogs. There are many, they are diverse and very different from niche perfumes. Here are some of the most basic differences between the two segments.


As we have already said, a selective niche perfume is exclusive, which means that it is produced in a very limited series. Mass-market and luxury, on the contrary, are put on the conveyor and you can buy them almost everywhere.


Selective perfume is not advertised.


The composition of the niche includes rare expensive components that give a unique sound to the fragrance. That is why niche fragrances are so unusual, extraordinary and sometimes ambiguous.

The audience

Ordinary women’s toilet water has one goal — everyone likes and sells. Therefore, among the luxury and the masses of perfumery, there are many simple, similar aromas. And it is far from uncommon to meet a woman on the street in exactly the same cloud of your favorite perfume. The selective is the opposite. It is not for everyone, and only a few have it.


Niche perfumery has a stylish, concise and not pretentious design. This is done intentionally so as not to distract attention from the main thing — the aroma. For example, the entire perfume collection of the Bairedo brand is presented in ordinary round bottles with a black cap.


Of course, a unique perfume cannot be cheap. As a rule, the price of a niche is several times higher than the price of a regular perfume.

What is the difference from oil perfumes?

Very often you can find oil perfumes with the proud names of niche brands. At the same time, the cost of such perfumes is tens and hundreds of times less. So does it make sense to overpay and buy original non-oil perfumes? In fact, they have only one thing in common — the name. Oil perfumes are not similar either in aroma, or in sound, or in durability to the original. Roughly speaking, oil perfumes are always fake (and very poorly tailored).

Advantages and features of selective perfumes

  • Unique aroma. Without exaggeration, eau de parfum for women or men of a niche segment is always an unusual, memorable and spectacular fragrance. It drives you crazy, makes you fall in love and makes passers-by turn their heads, and you feel like a queen. Once I tried a niche, it’s already hard to even look in the direction of ordinary perfumery.
  • Exclusivity and luxury. No one else will have this. At least every second girl will not smell like this perfume. As, for example, at one time everyone smelled of the Empress from Dolce Gabbana or Eclat from Lanvin.
  • Persistence. Most often, niche perfumes have very good staying power.
  • It is beautiful. Putting a bottle of such perfume on your dressing table is an incomparable pleasure.
  • Versatility. There is no gender or conventions here. Any fragrance can be worn by both men and women.

How to choose?

First you need to decide on your favorite direction and notes. You can read reviews of certain fragrances online. But this is not enough. Buying any fragrance blindly is stupid. It needs to be tested. Of course, you can do it in a perfume shop. But finding a selective perfume on the shelves is not so easy. In addition, the perfume needs to “live” on you, open up on the skin. For example, Escentric Molecules fragrances are absolutely pointless to listen to from a blotter. They are revealed exclusively on the skin. Therefore, we highly recommend paying attention to mini perfumes, miniatures. So you can try many fragrances at once, wear them and, at the same time, you do not have to spend money on expensive full-fledged bottles.

Where to buy otlivants (perfume)?

In our online store VERVE.PERFUME you will find a huge number of flavors to drink. We have all the most famous niche fragrances: Escentric Molecules, Thomas kosmala, Byredo (including Young Rose), Attar Collection, Kilian and much more. Drinking perfume is made ONLY from original bottles, the possibility of forgery is excluded! All samples come in handy spray bottles. The atomizer bottle is very convenient to carry in your purse or take on a trip.

If you find it difficult to choose a perfume, then write to our managers. We will be happy to select the right fragrance for you.


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