How to choose a laptop for gaming by characteristics


The appetites of modern games are so high that the average inexpensive but good laptop is not suitable for avid gamers. They need a specialized mobile device. The parameters of a gaming laptop should be chosen depending on the preferences of the gamer, for the applications they love, and at the same time so that the price tag does not drain the insides of the wallet. You need to choose a device for entertainment carefully, focusing on the hardware platform. And then it will turn out to save money and buy a gaming laptop with good performance.


Display — practically the main part of the gaming laptop. It is from the characteristics of the image on it that the pleasure received by the user will depend. In addition, a high-quality screen will allow you not to spoil your eyesight and play more without the accumulation of fatigue in your eyes.

Gaming laptop display


Today, laptop matrices range in size from 13.3 to 21 inches.

  1. Ultrabooks are the most extensive segment of devices with a display diagonal of 13.3, 14.1 inches. Models are light but can show very good results.
  2. Gaming laptop with 15.6 inch screen — the most popular category of devices among consumers. They are suitable for work, study, having a good matrix area.
  3. Models with screen diagonal of 17 inches act as a somewhat expensive, rather inconvenient device to carry. But if you only want to have fun at home, such a laptop is more than suitable for gaming, since its display is really visually much larger than the average 15.6 inches.
  4. The last category of devices, with screen over 17 inches, is already difficult to attribute to laptops. The mobility of such models is quite low. A laptop of this class is bought by gamers who have fun at home and rarely move from place to place.


Advice! Thus, for reasonable money saving, it is better to buy a model with a display diagonal of 15.6 or 17 inches for games.

It should be noted that manufacturers pay great attention to this category of devices. For example, today you can buy solutions from MSI in 2018 with a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz versus 60 for average products. When playing on such a laptop, the eyes get tired much less.

msi laptop

Matrix type

Not all marketing tales need to be believed. There are three technologies on the laptop matrix market today.

  1. TN-Film, the most common. Displays of this class have a high response speed (average 5 ms), but are characterized by extremely poor color display.
  2. VA-Film showing wider color spectrum coverage but suffering from slower response times (8ms).
  3. IPS capable of displaying perfect blacks and authentic hues across the entire spectrum.

Important! The human eye reacts to a change of image in about 4 ms. Therefore, it is this parameter that you need to focus on when choosing the type of laptop screen matrix.

If you want to save money, you can stop at TN-Film display. The user receives virtually no visual distortion, blurring. But I have to put up with faded colors and relatively small viewing angles.

Gaming laptop with VA matrix hard enough to find. This class, despite its advantages, is significantly more expensive than TN-Film. However, a model with this type of display is much more attractive. She has nice colors, good viewing angles. But if the player prefers active shooters, you may have to put up with some blurring of the image dynamics.

ips matrix on a gaming laptop

IPS matrix is ​​what is better to choose for games. But you need to be prepared that a laptop with such a display will cost more than its competitors. The matrix shows the ideal color gamut, viewing angles, does not strain the eyes. You can find a model in which the reaction speed is 4 ms. Naturally, you will have to pay a few thousand extra for an excellent picture on the screen.


What annoys you the most when playing? That’s right, the uneven illumination of the screen. That is why gamers prefer laptops with anti-glare display. Their matrices are less bright, but the entire field is illuminated almost evenly.

Displays with a glossy surface inevitably irritate the eyes with reflections from the player and objects in the room. In addition, you will have to carefully choose a place where a lighting lamp or just a window in the daytime will not shine on the screen. But if the task is to choose a laptop for playing World of tanks, you can stop at a model with a glossy matrix finish.

gaming laptop display


The price of a gaming laptop largely depends on the display resolution. It happens:

  • FHD (FullHD) 1920×1080 pixels;
  • QHD 2560×1440;
  • 4K 3840×2160.

For an average laptop, a reasonable choice is HD matrix. In this case, no interlacing technologies will be used to visually improve the quality of the picture. In most games, you will be able to fully enjoy the process.

Other resolutions mean an inevitable increase in the cost of a laptop. At the same time, if money does not play a role, and you want a model with a 4K matrix, you should not flatter yourself. Only a few of modern games are able to show such a resolution of the picture. And at the same time, to calculate it, you will need an extremely expensive and powerful video card.


Today there are two unspoken market leaders — these are chips from Intel, the Core i5-7300HQ, i7-7700HQ series. Processors differ in performance acceptable for the most modern games and at the same time do not show cost records.

  Core i5-7300HQ, i7-7700HQ

It should be understood that it is irrational to save a lot on the CPU. It is able to pull out the performance, even if the laptop does not have the most powerful video card installed. And since the increase in the cost of neighboring processors in the series is much lower than the difference in price tags of adjacent video accelerators in the line, it is worth giving preference to a more powerful CPU.

Important! One thing in choosing a processor is worth remembering clearly. You can’t buy a gaming laptop that has a U-marked chip installed. These are low-voltage processors that are not designed to be paired with a powerful modern graphics card.

video card

The characteristics of a gaming laptop are directly dependent on the balance of performance of the CPU and graphics card. Today, you should not choose the last one below the 9th nVidia series. it GeForce 940 M class cards. Their performance is enough for not the most demanding games.

GeForce 940M

If you want to get a detailed picture in modern applications, you need a more powerful card. The optimal cost balance for today is different GeForce 1030. This is an economical solution. If you want more performance, you should buy the GeForce 1030 Ti model.

Serious gamers consider the mentioned map of the 10th series to be outdated. They are ready to shell out more money for top solutions. Today it is proposed card 1050, 1050 Ti. It will show excellent performance and looks like reasonable sufficiency in terms of spending money for a high-quality picture in the most modern games. If you still have difficulties with some application, you can purchase the Dual 1050 Ti SLI accelerator, a pair of 1050 Ti cards combined into a single solution on a common platform.

A video accelerator is considered a real chic among gamers today. nVidia GeForce 1080 Ti. The card costs serious money in comparison with competitors. But the increase in performance, frankly, does not match the jump in the price tag. Therefore, when you want to brag, you can buy a laptop with such a video accelerator. But it’s wiser to wait until the card becomes mainstream and drops in price.

nVidia GeForce 1080 Ti

Nvidia’s competitor, AMD Corporation, also offers good, high-performance graphics accelerators. There are a lot of resources on the Internet where you can visually compare GeForce and Radeon cards with each other.

On a note! The low popularity of Radeon among gamers is explained quite simply. Solutions from AMD are characterized by increased heat dissipation. This is a negative characteristic, if we recall the closed, small laptop case.


Whichever platform the user chooses, with a 9-series card or a super-performing 1080 Ti, additional cooling means are indispensable. Therefore, part of the answer to the question of how to choose a laptop for gaming will be a strong recommendation. buy a quality cooling pad with multiple fans.

Cooling pad

What should be mandatory in a gaming laptop is a lot of intake holes or a grill on the bottom of the device. Pay special attention to the hot air outlet: the flow should not be thrown out of the housing at the bottom. The ideal location for the exhaust is at the end of the laptop.

Important! In this case, it is worth noting: the hot air outlet must be on the left. If it is placed on the right, this means that the fans will literally burn the hand of the player controlling the mouse.


As mentioned above, modern games are real voracious monsters. Today, the minimum specifications of a gaming laptop should include 4 GB of RAM, and the recommended figure is 8 GB. And in order not to run into a lack of resources at all, it is worth expanding the amount of RAM to 16 GB.

More charged platforms, with 32 GB or more of RAM, are worth buying only for complex additional tasks. For example, to work in professional graphics packages or 3D modeling programs.

Advice! You should not immediately aim at the maximum capacity of the RAM. It is wise to get a gaming laptop with 8 GB of RAM and the ability to put a second bar of memory. The latter can be purchased later if your favorite games run out of resources.


Already today there are games that require 40 GB of disk space. Moreover, the graphics in them are so voluminous that the process of the passage itself takes an evening on the strength. The only advice for choosing a hard drive for a gaming laptop is that it should be big and fast. This means that you need to buy either an HDD model that has 7200 rpm and as much cache as possible, or give preference to solid state drive.

The latter today offers maximum comfort. Firstly, the read and write speed will satisfy the desires of any most demanding game. Secondly, the SSD weighs very little and does not generate heat, which is important for a gaming system. Thirdly, there is no danger of data damage due to vibration or accidental impact on the case, dropping the laptop.


The last thing to evaluate in a gaming laptop is its number of output ports. The user chooses their set for himself. Plenty of USB means that without any tricks it will be possible to connect a mouse, keyboard, cooling pad and an additional turbine to the laptop outlets to the model.

Connectors in a laptop

To display an image on a large TV, you will need HDMI port. At the same time, you should not believe manufacturers who claim that everything will work just fine through an adapter. Will not be redundant Display Portsespecially if you want to use a laptop paired with a modern high-quality monitor.

As a conclusion

Today there are two ways to choose a gaming laptop. The first is suitable for people with an elastic wallet. It is enough to buy one of the top gaming solutions from brands such as Huawei, HP, MSI to enjoy modern games to the fullest.

The second method is more complicated, but it will allow you to choose a model with excellent parameters for a reasonable price. To do this, you just need to pay attention to each of the characteristics of the gaming laptop you like. It’s easy to understand them. Therefore, it will be possible for literally everyone to choose the right productive system.

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