How to choose a floral fragrance?


Floral — a family of fragrances, the character of which is determined by the notes of the floral group: rose, jasmine, lily, lily of the valley, tulip, tuberose, gardenia, ylang-ylang, lime blossom, narcissus, mimosa, magnolia, lilac and many others. The category of floral fragrances is the most numerous and diverse and almost does not lend itself to a general description. Although the general floral tone, determined by the presence of the same or similar components in many colors, can still be named. And this is probably the only common characteristic. Floral fragrances can smell fresh and light when they contain lilac and lily of the valley, for example. Rich and sensual, provided that jasmine, ylang and tuberose are brought to the fore in the composition. Green and cheerful, if, the perfumer builds his fragrance on the basis of the champaki chord. But all these are just conventions and floral aromas can be any, even within the framework of one main chord. For example, rose scents can be fresh and transparent with their citrus and berry edge, but can also be thick and honeyed, as well as tobacco and woody.

Floral fragrances in their category are different: gourmand, woody, aldehyde, fruity, chypre, water, etc. One of the most common are considered

1. Woody — a classic option when a floral perfume is rich in woody tones. Very often, such perfumes are represented by a pair: Rose and Oud, Jasmine and Sandalwood, Gardenia and Cedar.

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