How to choose a composition for keratin straightening?


Safe and effective long-term straightening begins with the correct selection of a quality composition and following the instructions. CADIVEU RUSSIA is the exclusive distributor of the leading brands CADIVEU PROFESSIONAL, BRASIL CACAU PROFESSIONAL and PLASTICA DOS FIOS in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

BRASIL CACAU PROFESSIONAL and PLASTICA DOS FIOS are leading brands in the field of 100% straightening and restoration of any hair structure.

How can a master understand the products and choose the composition that is most relevant to the client’s request and tasks? Says the brand’s lead technologist:

• Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein

Based on acids of organic origin, protein complex and cysteine. Provides straightening of hard, strongly curly hair for up to 10-12 months, while maintaining the natural volume, this is a significant advantage — after the completion of the procedure, the effect of absolutely straight hair is achieved.

Ideal for working with dense natural or dyed hair that has not previously been bleached.

• Long lasting straightening of frizzy hair Brasil Cacau Thermal Reconstruction 3-Stage Classic Keratin and Smoothing Protein (see above).

Straightening occurs due to the complex effect of all components.
If the hair is curly and at the same time has been subjected to lightening or aggressive dyeing, which has led to poor hair quality, then in this case the composition of the 3-stage Brasil Cacau, based on hydrolysis, will work better. keratin (The smallest molecules are able to penetrate into the resulting voids and damage, replenish the lost proteins).

• The effect after the procedure «Plastic hair surgery» Plastica Dos Fios: Absolute smoothing of the hair» for the European structure is maintained for up to 6 months.

Suitable for dry, brittle, shiny hair. Maximum eliminates porosity and fluffiness, filling the resulting structural voids on repeatedly bleached hair or on hair that has previously been subjected to chemical / heat treatment.

The procedure has a deeply regenerating and antioxidant effect. Returns vitality, density and elasticity to the hair without loss of volume, even on thin hair. For a long time, each hair is covered with a protective film based on natural materials, which as a result provides comprehensive protection of the hair from damage and the negative effects of the environment.

• Fast and one-step procedure The Keratin Shampoo allows you to tighten the cuticle layer with the help of active ingredients, make hair perfectly smooth, shiny for up to 4 months!
Gives extra volume to hair.

The procedure is ideal for a rigid structure, for natural or dyed hair.
The acidic environment of the shampoo pH (2.5) and the hot action of the thermo device fix the active ingredients of the unique formula in the hair shaft along their entire length, thereby making the hair smooth and disciplined.

• Eco Keratin composition is a procedure aimed at filling the damaged structure with sugar cane cysteine ​​and hydrolyzed keratin (protein). The composition is included in the TOP-1 and TOP-3 of the world ratings of products for keratin straightening. Ideal for working with blond hair, because it neutralizes unwanted yellowness.
Retains the natural volume, disciplines well and smoothes the porous structure of the hair for a period of 3-4 months.

You can try several bestsellers of professional compositions in sets:

Be beautiful to the ends of your hair, with love, the CADIVEU RUSSIA team are the official distributors of the premium brand CADIVEU in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.


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