How to choose a collar with a GPS navigator for dogs


Pet owners want to be sure that their pet is not lost. The navigator for dogs or cats solves this problem. Having bought a collar with a tracking system, you can always find out where the pet is and, if necessary, return the animal home.

How it works

The collar with a navigator for dogs consists of two important parts: the collar itself with a GPS chip and a separate navigator. The GPS chip from the collar sends a signal to the tracking satellite, and the owner can see on the navigator where the animal is.

On a note! Some models work through the GPRS system. In this case, a SIM card is installed in the collar, and the data is sent to the user’s smartphone or computer. Positioning accuracy can vary up to 30-50 meters. Often such devices are called GPS trackers.

Navigator for dogs

What it is for is easy to understand. Some animals have a tendency to run away, especially if they are frightened. A firecracker exploded nearby, and the dog fled in fear. The tracker will allow you to quickly find the animal. Often these devices used for dog training. In this case, there is a vibration motor in the collar, which gives signals, which makes the dog perform some action or, conversely, stop.

Popular use of GPS navigator for dogs among hunters and shepherds. Due to the fact that in this case the dog does not have to be on a leash, and she needs to travel long distances to gather a herd or find game, it is very convenient to be able to track the trajectory of the dog’s movement.

Benefits of using a navigator

The GPS dog collar is becoming an increasingly popular device among dog and cat owners. This is not surprising, because this accessory has a number of useful properties.

  1. The collar can be easily removed and put on the animal, small size and weight will not interfere with the dog.
  2. The built-in battery is enough for a day of work on average. During this time, finding a dog is more than realistic, given that its location is known with an accuracy of 30 meters.
  3. The ability to see where the dog is moving.
  4. Some models allow you to create virtual boundaries.
  5. Help with training.
  6. Help monitor the physical condition of pets.

Navigator in connection with the phone

Criterias of choice

To choose the right GPS navigator for dogs, you should focus on a few useful tips.

  1. Working hours. This criterion is important for those people who travel with a dog to nature. For example, hunting or just relaxing.
  2. Protection. The body of the collar should be designed for the most active behavior of the animal. Mud, water, bumps — all this should survive the tracking device.
  3. Communication type. It was mentioned above that models can use GPRS or GPS communication as a way to communicate with the head unit. The second option has better coverage and reliability, so you should choose a navigator with satellite communications. This is especially important for hunting dogs, since there are no cell towers in the forest, which means that a simple collar will not work.
    Communication of the navigator with a smartphone
  4. Device weight and dimensions. Do not forget that the navigator collar for dogs can be quite heavy. The dimensions and weight of the animal should be taken into account in order to choose the right model. For example, a tracker with a weight of 300 grams will be too heavy for cats or small dogs weighing about 1 kg, but they are quite suitable for animals weighing 20 kg.
  5. Fastening. During the movement, the animal can wade through the bushes. In this case, a poor-quality clasp may open, and the user will find only a collar instead of a pet. This point should be taken into account when buying and check how reliable the fasteners are.
  6. operating temperature range. Do not forget that the weather conditions can be very different. Ideally, the tracker should be designed for both winter use and summer heat.

The important selection criteria are listed above, but do not forget that many models have additional features. Their need depends on the needs of the owner.

  1. Listening. Allows you to hear what environment the dog is in.
  2. Giving commands to the dog (two-way communication function, that is, the owner can talk with the dog).
  3. Setting boundaries. The device sends a signal to the head console if the dog leaves the set boundaries.
  4. Bark notification. If the dog starts barking, a notification will appear on the remote control.
  5. Activity monitoring — in fact, a pedometer, similar to that used in smartphones and smart watches for people.
    Bonding with the dog
  6. Camera on the collar allows you to shoot or online transfer video to the head unit.
  7. Some collars are equipped touch screenthen you can set it up directly without a smartphone, PC or remote control.
  8. Anti-theft. The function reacts to high speed. If the dog is in a moving car, and the speed exceeds the dog’s normal running speed, a signal will be sent to the control panel.

The best trackers for dogs

At the end of the topic, a small rating of popular trackers for dogs is presented. Traditionally, Garmin is the leader in the field of GPS, it is they who offer a huge selection of models and have excellent responses, but the prices here are not the most affordable. Well proven collar PitPatPetcreated in Britain. This is a kind of analogue of a fitness bracelet for people. Models can work up to a year without changing the battery, are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and provide complete information about the condition and behavior of the pet. Unfortunately, at the moment in Russia it is extremely problematic to get them.

Another interesting development for pet owners — collar Scollar. The device is compatible with different operating systems, helps to track the dog, has a built-in key to open electronic doors for dogs. The application on the smartphone is a kind of organizer and will remind the owner of the need for certain procedures.

On a note! A curious feature of Scollar is the modular system. You can separately buy modules with different functions and supplement the collar with them to make it even more functional and useful.

Like the previous version, the brand’s products are practically unavailable in the Russian Federation. The best models that can be found in stores in Russia with good reviews from animal lovers are listed below.

Garmin PT10 Dog Device Blue Collar

The model that ideal for hunters. The device is expensive, but it has an excellent range — up to 10 km, allows you to simultaneously track 10 dogs. Allows you to set virtual boundaries, is lightweight and has convenient fastenings. The set consists of a collar and a remote control. Battery life — 20 hours. The cost is 57 thousand rubles.

Garmin PT10 Dog Device Blue Collar

Garmin PT10 Dog Device Blue Collar on Yandex Market

Tractive GPS Pet Tracking

The inexpensive GPS tracker attaches directly to the pet’s collar and transmits position data to the free Tractive Pet Manager apps for smartphones. Device works via GPS connection, has the ability to set virtual boundaries. Autonomy is 2 days, the model is suitable for dogs and cats. Equipped with an LED beacon that can be remotely activated if the animal has to search in the dark. The price is about 5 thousand rubles.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracking

Tractive GPS Pet Tracking on Yandex Market

Xiaomi PetВit Smart Pet Tracker White

It would be strange if the Chinese company Xiaomi did not create its own version of a tracker for dogs. The device turned out to be inexpensive and already liked by many users. The gadget is attached to the collar of an animal, it can be a cat or a dog, because the weight of the device is 26 grams. The model tracks the animal via GPS, the maximum distance is 5.6 km. Battery life is 30 days.

An interesting feature is the ability to see in the application how much distance the animal has traveled per day, as well as the number of calories burned.. A useful feature is the ability to remotely turn on the blue backlight, which will help you find a dog or cat at night. Price — 3500 rubles.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracking

Important! This model has the ability to send a QR code to the collar. By scanning it, the person who found the animal will be able to obtain information about the owners and contact them to return the pet.

Xiaomi PetВit Smart Pet Tracker White on Yandex Market


Model with automatic inclusion when the animal starts to move. Device has protection IP67which means it can be submerged in water. There is a bright backlight, it works through a SIM card, GPS or GLONASS. Support is provided worldwide.

Advice! There are two options for sale: with an annual subscription (it is required to renew the card) or with a lifetime. The difference in price is not too big, it is recommended to choose the second option.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracking

The model has its own belt complete with a convenient fastening, suitable for dogs of different weights. The device is different very accurate determination of the position of the pet. The accuracy is about 4 meters. An application for a smartphone is used to track the activity of the animal. Battery life is 2 to 5 days. There is a wireless charger included. Price — 9000 rubles.

Mishiko on Yandex Market

Remote Pet Training Collar

budgetary training model. Range — 300 meters. Includes a collar with a tracker and a remote control with a display. Power is supplied from rechargeable batteries, which are supplied in the kit. The remote control supports the control of two collars, but this requires the purchase of a second tracker. A sharp sound, vibration or light electric shock is used as training impulses. The device is designed for animals with long and short hair. Price — 1500 rubles.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracking


Remote Pet Training Collar on Yandex Market


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