How to choose a ceiling led flat chandelier?


How to choose a ceiling led flat round chandelier?

Ceiling LED chandelier flat round is only gaining its popularity. There is a large offer of flat round plastic ceiling LED chandeliers on the market, but plastic not durable, in a year or two it becomes fragile and turns yellow. LED boards and strips, also in a year or two burn out and their replacement costs half the cost of the lamp. But there is a solution.

The Russian manufacturer of chandeliers offers ceiling LED chandeliers only for standard GX53 LED light bulbs, which are presented on the market at different prices, power and performance. High-quality ceiling LED chandeliers of Russian production PETRASVET are distinguished by a favorable price and original design. All chandeliers are made from become and painted powder paint, wires, electric cartridges and other components of only high quality, so the factory 7 years warranty.

Ceiling LED chandelier flat round — a stylish and interesting piece of furniture that will definitely decorate your apartment, it can be installed in the hall or living room. The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house; groups of friends often gather here, so you need to impress them and create a pleasant atmosphere.

How to choose the right LED bulbs?

For bright illumination, it is customary to consider 3 W per 1 m2 of room, for the average — 2 W per 1 m2. If you have a 20 m2 room and a chandelier for 6 light bulbs, then you need 20 m2 that the power on the chandelier was 60 watts, then each light bulb is 10 watts.

There is also such a thing as the temperature of light, white and yellow. For working rooms, it is customary to choose white light, for relaxation — yellow.

For the price, you should look in the middle segment, without overpaying for the brand.

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