How to choose a camcorder for «SmartHome»


Everyone has heard about a smart home, someone even follows the successes of Xiaomi and Zuckerberg, but not everyone understands what, in fact, it is all about. For many people, the concept of Smart Home is still fantastic and transcendent, and someone completely ignores its existence.

Video surveillance in Smart Home

What is Smart Home

A «smart home» is commonly understood as a home automation system. This is a set of devices that, for our convenience, make decisions and perform routine tasks around the house.. «SmartHome» is formed in a personal household: apartment microclimate systems, smart light bulbs and automatic doors — all this is a smart home. In Russia, this concept usually includes the so-called multiroom — multimedia device management system: TVs, projectors, acoustic systems.

Cvideo surveillance system is also part of «Smart Home». Cameras that can be attributed to the «smart home» allow you to:

  • control via mobile device;
  • broadcast live on the app;
  • monitor what is happening from anywhere in the world;
  • send push notifications.

How to choose a video camera for the smart home system

In addition to simply connecting and controlling cameras, a set of intelligent features is very important here. Motion or broken window detection, night vision, two-way audio, customizable notifications, storage on a memory card or the cloud are just some of the main features that should be built into smart home security cameras.

Wi-Fi REDMOND cameras skycamfor example, allow you to control a house, cottage, garage or office, look after elderly relatives, children or pets from anywhere in the world. Two-way audio communication is an advantage that allows you to always stay in touch with your family, which is important in the system “Smart Home«.

Global camcorder manufacturer YI Technology also understands perfectly well how important it is to monitor the house in the absence of the owners. The company provides 3 segmentation of smart home cameras: low cost, mid-range (YIHome 3, YIDomeX) and a premium line of video surveillance cameras – Kami.

HomeMonitor HD

In surveillance cameras for a smart home, it is also necessary to take into account such a characteristic as focal length of the lens and its angle of view. For example, to obtain a general overview of the territory during video surveillance in a private house or cottage, cameras with a wide-angle short-focus lens are suitable. The IPV380 HD surveillance camera, for example, has a panoramic viewing angle (360about).

Important! There is an opinion that the smaller the angle of view of the lens, the more details we can identify when it is necessary to track a certain small area. However, there are cameras on the market today with human detection and motion tracking features. This immediately solves the problem with the viewing angle.

If you plan to conduct video surveillance both day and night, and want to be informed about all the details of what is happening, including color, choose camera models with day/night mode, which automatically switch to monochrome mode at nightfall. A necessary item when choosing cameras for night video surveillance is the presence of infrared illumination, which is absolutely invisible to the human eye, but allows the device to observe even in complete darkness. With the help of a powerful algorithm such illumination cameras Zodikam have not only excellent visibility at night, but also allow you to see the smallest details.

Video surveillance system smart home


Today, the market offers a huge range of equipment for creating smart homes for your own needs. It could be like complex solutionswhere the system is integrated into the existing infrastructure of the home, and separate devices that will operate in parallel to each other and, if necessary, interact with each other.

Surveillance cameras play an important role in the “Smart Home” system, because with their help we can monitor the safety of our house, a car parked near it, use it as an analogue of an intercom.


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