How to choose a bench


A banquette is a universal light home furniture, a very useful and convenient thing. It has unconditional merits and specificity of executions. The banquette has the simplest design of a bench with a soft seat, so it is easy to carry, can serve more than one place at home, and even on the street. When you need to temporarily sit down in a place of seasonal rest, for example, on a balcony, terrace, at the porch or entrance, this item is always nearby, and its movement is not difficult. The bench is just as comfortable as a stool, but more functional and with a soft seat.

In the hallway, a rectangular bench will not interfere, and its height is suitable for:

— sit down and comfortably tie shoelaces, both for an adult and a child, or an elderly person;

— put a bag, gloves, an umbrella, a bag from the store;

— sitting to induce beauty before going out into the street;

— stand on it to reach the upper shelves of the cabinet or mezzanine.

In general, when choosing a suitable bench model, it is more correct to rely on its main purpose and placement, and also take into account the additional one. One type of banquette can serve as a soft place in the bedroom to fold laundry, leave a book, a laptop, and also sometimes seat a guest in the hall. Another model is suitable for placement on the porch of the house, and in the summer — under a canopy.

As a result, it is definitely more convenient, more comfortable and cozier with a bench in the household.


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