How to carry in a sling a child who does not hold his head? Is it safe?


The neck of a newborn is so weak and thin, the muscles are clearly unable to support the weight of a disproportionately large head. And baby care consultants and sling consultants recommend carrying your baby more often in arms and in slings, and also upright! How to be? Is it really safe?

Yes — you can! Yes — safe! Especially if you are using Mum’s Era wraps. They are sewn with enough width to ensure that any winding is safe for the newborn. Also, each sling comes with detailed instructions that explain all the subtleties. So that mom would definitely be calm and sure that she is doing everything right.

Let’s show and tell with examples what it is important for a mother to know about supporting a baby’s head in a sling

First of all, you need to understand that the center of gravity in a child is higher than in an adult — not in the small pelvis, but approximately at the level of the shoulder blades. If a, putting the baby in a sling, confidently press it just below the shoulders (first with the hand, and then the sling fabric replaces the hand), then the head will not outweigh, but will comfortably lie on the mother’s chest. The baby will be comfortable, and the mother will be calm.

It is important to properly, tightly and evenly, tighten the panel sling scarfso that the correct support is maintained even after you remove your hand. In some windings intended for newborns, you can tuck a roller from a small diaper into the upper part of the sling, you will get a kind of safety cushion. Important: the roller should not put pressure on the neck or block the face, preventing air from entering. He only reliably insures the baby from accidentally throwing his head back.

So, the upper body of the baby should be pressed against the mother, and the opposite is true from the bottom! In no case should the child’s pelvis be pressed against the mother, no matter how you carry the child, even in your arms, even in some kind of carrier, even in a sling — otherwise this will make the baby’s back straighten and an excess load will go on it. Speaking figuratively, the baby’s body looks like a testicle — especially if he picks up the arms and legs for himself. This is the testicle — the preservation of the rounded shape of the back, no forced straightening of the arms and legs — is the guarantee of a safe wearing in a sling even from birth.

And for the mother’s back, wearing a baby in a sling is much more comfortable than just carrying it in her arms.

If you have read this article to the end, then you are very thoughtful about everything related to the health and safety of the baby. To give you even more peace of mind when buying any sling scarf Mum’s Era we are giving you a certificate for a free online sling consultation. An experienced consultant will either help you make the first winding of the sling so that everything is right and convenient right away, or answer any of your questions.

Order Mum’s Era sling scarfand we are nearby, we will always help in word and deed.


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