How to care for textile shoes


In the warm season, you really want to wear soft, light and elegant shoes made of textiles, which are easy to combine with multi-colored summer clothes. However, do not forget that textile shoes quickly get dirty, wear out and absorb moisture. Therefore, the care of textile shoes is very important.

one. Purchase

Textile shoes should ideally fit you in size, taking into account the fullness and characteristics of your foot. Loose and tight shoes will quickly lose their shape, wrinkles, deformation, scuffs will form, which are very difficult to get rid of.

2. Water-repellent impregnation

Once you have bought a new pair of shoes, be sure to treat them with a water repellent. This will help protect your shoes from the negative effects of the environment and facilitate further care for them. Water-repellent impregnation should be sprayed onto shoes from a distance of 15-20 centimeters.

3. We clean the sole

No matter how hard you try to keep your favorite couple safe, contamination is more than likely. When starting cleaning, first of all, remove dirt from the sole of the shoe with an old toothbrush. Wet the brush in soapy water and clean the dirt and small stones from the sole. Nail polish remover or acetone will help to restore the whiteness of the sole. Do not use a colored cloth for this method , which can shed, leaving colored stripes on the sole. Cotton pads are the best choice. Dampen a cotton pad with nail polish remover and wipe the sole, this will help restore its whiteness.

four. Cleaning the uppers of shoes

Ammonia and soap will help you clean the textile upper. Dilute one teaspoon of ammonia in a glass of water, add a little soap and wash the upper of the shoe with this solution. Then wipe it with a clean, dry cloth and leave to dry completely.

5. Wash

Carefully study the label of the shoes you have chosen, some textiles can be washed by hand, or even in a washing machine. Washing by hand is more troublesome, but also more gentle on the shoes. Dissolve washing powder or liquid soap in warm water and wash the shoes with a brush. After washing, rinse it thoroughly in cool water. Proper care and respect will keep your shoes attractive for a long time!


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