How to calibrate laptop battery


Modern laptop batteries have a lifespan of two years. Sometimes users are faced with the fact that the device starts to sit down faster, or the indicators do not correspond to reality. The problem is that the special controller, which is responsible for assessing the state of the battery, goes astray. In this case, calibrating the laptop battery will help.

When is battery calibration needed?

Laptop battery calibration is needed when it starts to work incorrectly. Understanding this is quite simple: the user recently charged the laptop and understands that it is 100% charged, while the system displays a charge of 70%. Previously, the battery was fully charged in the same time, but now it is not. In fact, the problem lies not in the fact that the battery has deteriorated and cannot fully receive a charge, but in controller failureThe that reads the data.

laptop battery

Modern laptops, when reaching 10%, go into economy mode — performance decreases, the screen is highlighted at minimum power. That is, the real capacity is 40%, but the system thinks that it has reached 10%. The disadvantage is that autonomy decreases, and the user has to resort to charging more often. Among other things, this affects battery life. In this case, you need to calibrate the laptop battery, that is, make sure that the controller sees the real capacity.

Determination of real capacity

Before you calibrate the battery on a laptop, you should understand whether the cause is really a failure, or The battery has failed. To do this, you need to find out the real capacity. This is done according to an algorithm that is the same for Windows 10 and other versions of the OS.

  1. We enter the command line with the rights of the system administrator.
  2. We write the sentence: powercfg.exe -energy -output d: Nout.htm.
    powercfg.exe -energy -output d:Nout.htm
  3. d:Nout.htm is the address where the report file will be saved.
  4. When the analysis is completed, we go to the specified address, that is, in this case, this is the root directory on the local drive D.
  5. Open the document and scroll down to the item «battery information». There are two points of interest here: the full capacity (calculated) and the one that was reached during the last full charge procedure.
  6. If there is a difference between the indicators, then the laptop needs to be calibrated.

Important! The procedure does not reset the battery, but fixes the controller error, which shows incorrect data.

Calibration using special utilities

Any task in Windows can be performed in several ways — through the built-in tools of Windows and through third-party programs. Different manufacturers offer their own calibration programs, for example, Energy Management is a device product from Lenovo. It is only suitable for laptops of this brand and is not suitable for DNS, ASUS and other companies.

HP Assistant offers a number of useful utilities for working with brand laptops. Including, there is a program for calibration. All brands have such software, but it’s easier to use the universal option so that you don’t have to look for the right application for a long time, given that many users delete all factory programs at the first purchase so that they do not interfere with the system.

An example of such a recovery utility is the function embedded in Phoenix biosit is widely used in the company’s engineering HP. To perform the procedure, the user enters BIOS, opens the Boot tab and clicks on the “Smart Battery Calibration” item. It remains to wait for the end of the analysis and save the result.

Smart Battery Calibration

Obviously, not all laptops have this particular BIOS version. In this case, you can download one of the programs that are distributed free in Russian. These include Battery Care, Battery Eater, Batter Mark.

On a note! Of the listed utilities, many recommend using Battery Mark, since its functionality includes checking the power supply circuit of the device under high loads or during idle time, that is, the device is subjected to a more thorough analysis.

Battery Care

Special knowledge is not required to use the program — just install it on your PC and wait for the work to finish, this may take some time, so you should prepare for this process. Other calibration utilities work similarly. All user actions come down to installing software and running it. For this reason, it makes no sense to dwell on each application separately.

Manual calibration

The manual calibration process does not require the user to install any software. The whole procedure is to charge the device to 100%, then discharge it to zero and immediately wait again for 100% charge.

The easiest way to discharge the gadget so that it does not go into sleep mode is to start the game, turn on the video, or otherwise work on it until it is completely discharged. But modern models can have batteries designed for 10 hours of battery life, and it is unlikely that you will be able to sit at the device for that long. In this case, you can simplify the task and create a power plan with maximum battery life.

Create a power plan

  1. Open Power Options in Control Panel.
  2. Click on «Create a power plan». Do not change existing ones, so as not to damage further work.
  3. We select the maximum performance, set a name for the new scheme.
  4. We open additional parameters of the new scheme and indicate — do not turn off the display, and also do not put the device into sleep mode when the battery is low and after some time has elapsed.
  5. Save the result and activate the scheme.

Battery calibration

After the end of the procedure, that is, charging-discharging-charging We return the device to the original power plan.


In fact, the battery in a laptop is the element that breaks first. But its service life can be extended if you follow simple rules — you should not overheat the device, leave it in the sun, work in the cold, set the brightness to maximum. Discharging a laptop should not be brought to a minimum value. If it is mains operated and the battery is not being used, it should be removed if possible. Calibration should be performed several times a year. All this will help protect the battery from a quick failure.

On a note! It will not be superfluous to know that there are similar calibration utilities for Android and iOS smartphones.

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