How to bring creativity and personal effectiveness back into your life


How to bring creativity and personal effectiveness back into your life
The older we get, the less often we find ourselves doing our favorite hobby, which arouses genuine interest in us. In childhood, we easily found something to do: sewed, glued, weaved and sculpted anything from anything. Then there was enough time and imagination. And if now you still want to allocate a place for creative ideas in your schedule, we will tell you how and what paraphernalia will help you show your craving for creativity.

Start with planning
The best way to control time is visibility. Vision of the plan for the day / week / year, etc. helps to feel in the moment and increases the chance of doing things on time. When we plan, we are aware of each task, explaining to the brain why it is to be done, what it will lead to. Then life is easier and easier!
In Umkina Berloga you will find a variety of planning to increase your productivity and personal efficiency. Magnetic wall planners for a week or planners with 52 loose-leaf sheets, enough for a whole year of planning. They will unload your head from endless thoughts: they will help you plan your schedule for the month, remember all the tasks for the week, and teach even children to plan their affairs. Thanks to the super-coated magnetic planings, you can write and erase forever! Any water-based marker will work for the glider. Designs: coffee, scandi, cotton, beach, peonies, mountains, lighthouse, balloon, sea, space, cat. Size 30*40 cm.
Notebooks with habit trackers are convenient to place on your desktop or carry with you. Thick paper 65 gr, 52 tear-off sheets with glue, size — 30*21 cm. Planner is a notebook, but only better and more convenient.
Create space for your enjoyment
Settle in a bright and clean place where nothing will distract you (turn off notifications!), turn on relaxing or, conversely, energetic music, free your mind from obsessive thoughts. Now dive headlong into the process!

Keep a diary or scrapbook for ideas
A blank slate is the main enemy of the writer, and therefore for us it is not an assistant in our endeavors. But a beautiful inspiring notebook will serve as a catalyst, forming a fountain of ideas and talents. Don’t limit yourself to frames, look for original covers with elegant design that will cheer you up every time. Fantasy designs of notebooks and notepads in Umka’s lair are designed to be on your desktop! Yoga fox, corgi, pugs, animal paintings or delicate flowers, magical birds or constellations. Forget about boring standard covers, choose prints that are pleasing to the eye and get to the heart.
A sketchbook or a sketchbook is chosen by those who do not like any borders! In order to turn this faceless collection of white sheets into a creative workshop, pay special attention to its contents. Here your soul, energy and way of thinking can take on a completely material form. The universal sketchbook from Umka Berloga will become a pantry for your creative ideas. Drawings, sketches, ideas, thoughts — you can arrange everything in it!
25 thick blank sheets 160g/m2 are suitable for working with gouache, markers, pencils, colored pens. Additionally, it has five sheets for watercolors 200g/m2. Watercolor paper is denser, but loose, which allows it to absorb water and make gentle stains and transitions. The pages are fastened with a strong spring. They are easy to flip and take out when needed. The sketchbook has a compact size of 146×210 mm so that you can always carry it with you. You can use it as a planner or sticker album. Designs: Yoga fox, corgi, llama, lighthouse, pug, protea, seal, cotton, plants, animals.

Make your wishes come true
Write down, draw what your imagination opens up to you. If there are no ideas at all, or if they are a bit tight, use stickers — they will set the direction and mood. A variety of designs from watercolor and botanical drawings to illustrations for all seasons, books, coffee, flowers, animals will save you from lack of ideas. Sets of stickers in Umkina Berloga on matte and glossy vinyl with contour cut are suitable for decorating a notebook, diary and even furniture!
Stickers can inspire you to create cozy details for home decor, workspace decoration, or just serve as a planning tool. Mark the days of the week, plans for the morning, weekends, birthdays and matinees. Designs: around the world, animals, animals, flamingos, countries, autumn, provence, fashion, coffee, hobbies, mysticism. The use of UV printing allows you to achieve 100%
color reproduction and crisp images. Sheet dimensions 10*15 cm; 21*15 cm.

Tune in to the positive
Make it a point to plan and attract the best for you and your space. Make it your statement. Your creativity will know no bounds!


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