How pregnant women and young mothers can do everything, and even stay in touch


It’s no secret that pregnancy and raising a child is the most difficult stage in the life of every woman. During this period, the lack of time is felt most strongly. But even in such difficult times, you still have to cook, do laundry, wash dishes and clean up. There is no time even for sleep, but you can completely forget about entertainment and communication with friends … But is it so? In fact, there is one irreplaceable thing that simplifies life at times!

Wireless headphones are your assistant, which will greatly simplify your life.

You should not treat wireless headphones as a device that can only play music. Today, with the help of headphones, you can make calls, call a taxi, find information on the Internet and much more. All this became possible thanks to voice control.

How does this happen and how can headphones be useful?

It’s simple, in modern wireless headphones there are not only buttons for switching music, but also a call to Siri, Google Assistant or Alice. After calling the voice assistant, you have full access to your phone, which you can easily control with your voice.

Urgently need to answer a call and your hands are busy?

Press one button — and you are already in touch. Modern headphones have fairly good microphones, so it will be quite comfortable to communicate. The phone, at the same time, can even be in the next room.

Washing dishes or cleaning?

Why not press a couple of keys and chat with friends who have already missed you?) In this difficult period for a woman, being in touch with loved ones is a must! Sharing emotions and problems with someone, and even doing things — it’s fantastic!

So, when is everything done?

You can just lie in the bath and finally relax with your favorite music! Or listen to an audiobook that you have been wanting to read for so long. Modern headphones provide much more than just listening to music.

It is important to understand that not all wireless headphones have this functionality.

When choosing headphones, there are many subtleties and nuances, without knowing which — you can be very disappointed and not live up to your expectations. To prevent this from happening, we have prepared for you a list of problems that buyers often face.

List of problems:

  1. Discharge quickly
  2. Lose connection at short distance
  3. No voice assistant
  4. They are connected not synchronously, but in turn (music jumps from ear to ear)
  5. Break within a week or less
  6. Stop working due to moisture
  7. Very poor or non-existent microphone

We have solved all these problems and found the optimal solution that includes all the listed functions and will be as comfortable as possible for use!

  1. In our headphones built-in battery 3.500 mah — this charge is enough for more than 5 hours of music or conversations.
  2. Microphone good quality — you can comfortably communicate with family and friends.
  3. Convenient display — with a display of the charge of each earbud and charging case.
  4. Maintain contact with the phone up to 10 meters — you can move freely around the apartment and do business
  5. Have a voice assistant call — be able to control the phone remotely.
  6. Headphone sync connection — You will not feel the differences in music between the headphones.
  7. Our headphones are waterproof — IPX6 waterproof and sweat resistant.
  8. There is a guarantee for marriage!

Also, our bluetooth headphones have already accumulated enough feedback from customers who have experienced them over time, and sorted out all the pros and cons of using our model.


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