How does the locking function in door closers work?


Range of door closers NORA-M there are models with a built-in function of fixing the door in the open position.

How it works — when the door is opened at a certain angle (usually from 90 degrees), the closer fixes the door and does not close it. In order for the door to close, it must be pulled in the direction of closing, and brought to the angle from which the locking function starts to work — and then the closer will close the door itself.

Door closers with fixation are presented in the NORA-M assortment by several models. In the model name, the letter F — indicates the presence of a fixation function.

It should be noted right away that fixing the door does not necessarily occur exactly at an angle of 90 degrees. In this case, the actuation of the fixation is strictly individual, and depends on the position of the closer body relative to the hinges. Briefly — the farther from the loops, the smaller the angle of fixation. And vice versa.

The scope of such closers is quite wide.

The fixation function in closers was originally developed for social institutions: premises of hospitals, kindergartens, educational institutions. Today, such closers can be found in many other places. These are functional and reliable products, indispensable in public areas with high traffic — in cinemas, sports stadiums, shopping malls, and also at the entrance doors to residential premises (especially at the entrance with freight elevators). For trade enterprises, locking door closers proved to be very convenient for unloading goods.

Thus, NORA-M closers with a fixation function are:

Comfortable — allows you to carry large items through the door without any effort and manipulation, carry a baby carriage, pass a group of people;

Comfortable — these closers are very convenient to use for airing the premises, which is indispensable in schools, kindergartens, etc .;

Safely — the use of a door closer with fixation is absolutely safe.

Reliably – closers are certified in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations of Russian GOST.

Is it possible to install closers with fixation on a fire door?

A number of manufacturers that make latching closers claim that they can be installed on fire doors. However, this is not true. The fact is that in the requirements of the Russian GOST R 56177-2014, in Appendix B «Requirements for closers intended for use in fire/smoke doors», paragraph B.2 reads «In closers, a locking device in a separate position is not allowed if it is not an electrical locking device.»


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