Form from food polycarbonate for chocolate on 16 cells in the form of cocoa beans.


Polycarbonate molds: «Beans».

Quantity in form: 16

Finished Size: 25x49x17 cm (WxDxH)

Finished product weight: 20 g

Vendor code: 43428835

Based on the personal experience of the chocolatier.

Author: Tsolenkopf Anna

Prologue: a little about sweets and what to look for?

If the tiles basically have a standard shape — a tile, albeit of different sizes, then you can experiment with sweets to fame. There are many different forms of sweets that can be made from all chocolate, and with numerous flavors and fillings.

What to look for when choosing?

Firstly, the shape of sweets should fit your level, if you are just starting out, then do not take complex shapes — cones, different squiggles — no matter how beautiful and popular they are — they are more difficult to color, wipe and fill. Take something smoother, without rough edges, very narrow places and with a larger area (just like cocoa beans).

Secondly, those that are convenient for you to use.

Thirdly, those that you like, are interesting in coloring, with which you can experiment, and are also popular with your clients or in general in the field (for example, hemispheres, hearts, etc.) — study your niche.

Fourth, consider the dimensions of the finished product for packaging. The area can be convenient for pouring, but not included in the standard packaging in the way you want. For example, in a candy outlet, a slightly larger size may be required.

Is the shape right for you? And a couple of tricks along the way.

The form is suitable for chocolates, candies with various fillings and for coloring.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced. It is convenient to pour chocolate and create cases with fillings. It is light in weight and easy to hold, so it is convenient to take it with one hand.

It is not particularly necessary to knock them out, finished products come out easily — just turn over and tap quite a bit. If they still do not come out, then you should not pick them out — you can damage the form, most likely an error in the creation process.

The candy itself is large — a lot of filling will fit in, distribute it correctly so that it is enough, and there is not too much chocolate on the bottom.

When choosing a box, look for a suitable one, it may not fit into a standard one.

It rubs easily, but to achieve a shine you should rub it well enough — just don’t take vodka.

The shape of the cocoa bean itself is very stylish and looks beautiful in gift sets, and will also look good in photos in your blog feed — especially if you make bright coloring with natural dyes.

One of the advantages of polycarbonate is that it takes up less space on stabilization, more forms fit into a refrigerator or wine cabinet.

Details in the article form «Tiles».

The number of cells may not be enough for a full-fledged large order, you can take 2-3 forms or buy another form to create assorted boxes.


Suitable for everyone and will look stylish in sets, especially if painted.

Easy and convenient to use, and for full-fledged work, take 2 or several different forms for assorted.

Remember your level and skills, do not chase complex forms if you are not ready yet — you will save your nerves and ingredients.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the finished product, so that later it will not shock or surprise you that it will not fit into the intended box.

PS Experiment with different shapes of candies and find your favorites by making personal tops, please yourself, family, friends and clients with different and beautiful candies. Share your results and experiments with us — we will be glad.


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