Features of Electric Bicycle Wheel


Biking is a great way to pass the time or get to the right place quickly. One of the new bike upgrade devices is the electric wheel. What it is is described in this text.

What is a wheel motor

An electric wheel is a part for a bicycle that allows you to set it in motion not by pedaling, but with the help of an electric motor.. The whole structure consists of several elements:

  • the wheel itself, in this case the engine is installed inside the axle;
  • battery to power the motor;
  • throttle stick that allows you to adjust the speed;
  • mini-computer (controls the operation of the engine);
  • connecting elements.

Electric wheel

Important! Today on the market you can find a completely ready-made factory assembly kit or individual components for DIY assembly. What to choose depends on the user and his knowledge in this area, because it is not enough to buy a wheel, it still needs to be installed.

Like any other device, the electric wheel has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them, we can draw conclusions about the advisability of upgrading your two-wheeled transport.

  • higher speed of movement;
  • the cyclist practically does not get tired, since his task is to control the movement, but pedaling is not required;
  • the battery can be easily charged from any 220 W socket;
  • if the battery runs out, then you can continue riding just by pedaling, that is, the bike does not become useless;
  • installing an electric wheel for driving does not require a driver’s license.
  • the weight of the bicycle grows, which increases the load if the cyclist still pedals himself;
  • for the most part, batteries are not designed for long distances, the power reserve is about 60 km, that is, this is a good option for moving around the city, but not for long trips;
  • long battery charging (average 6 hours);
  • the battery drains faster if it is cold outside, that is, in winter its use may not be relevant at all;
  • high price of the device.

Important! Do not forget that the area of ​​contact of the tire with the surface affects the battery life. The higher it is, the faster the battery will run out, that is, the wheels should always be well inflated.

Speed ​​and manner of movement also affect the running time. If the speed is picked up smoothly, then the battery does not sit down quickly, if the cyclist often combines fast and slow movement, then it will be discharged quickly (this driving style is typical for city driving).

How an electric wheel works

It was mentioned above that the motor-wheel is spare parts kit. The electric motor can be mounted on one or both wheels. They have different power — from 100 to 1000 watts. As power increases, speed increases, but battery consumption also increases. Therefore, when choosing, everything should be balanced.

Wheel design

The battery is responsible for power. It is believed that the best battery options for a bicycle are — lithium phosphate. They are easy to use, not too expensive and charge relatively quickly. The controller controls the current flow from the battery to the engine and is responsible for the speed.

Important! When choosing, you need to consider that the bike is not always used in good weather. Therefore, the mini-computer should be hidden in a protective case that will protect it from moisture, dirt, snow.

Speed ​​controller — Throttle lever on the steering wheel. When you press it, the current strength changes, which affects the power and, accordingly, the speed of movement. In addition to the above, to install the wheel, you will need a set of mounts and communications to connect other elements to each other.

Where can you install

Rear electric wheel designed for extreme driving on rough terrain. Improves traction on slippery surfaces, and driving over bumps becomes much easier.

Rear wheel

Important! The advantage of the design is reliability. The downside is that by increasing the weight at the rear, handling may deteriorate.

Installing the engine on the front wheel makes it all-wheel drive — motor in front, pedals in back. In this case, the bike also gets excellent flotation and speed, but the advantage is easier installation. In addition, a heavy wheel loads the structure from the front, and the battery can be mounted at the back, and thereby balance the bike.

Installing a ready-made kit

You can buy a kit for installing an electric wheel in numerous offline stores or from sellers from China. The latter are slightly cheaper. On Internet sites from the Middle Kingdom, the cost of a kit starts from about 20 thousand rubles. Reviews indicate that the quality of spare parts purchased by shipment from China is not inferior to those sold in domestic stores.

Ready kit

Mounting the engine on the rear wheel is carried out as follows.

  1. The original wheel is removed.
  2. The wheel with the motor is installed instead of the removed one, while it is important to consider that wires from the engine should be on the leftsince the chain and gear shift are located on the right side.
  3. The device is installed according to the scheme that is attached to the kit, but it is not fixed tightly so that it is possible to check the performance and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  4. The controller is installed in the place where water ingress is minimized.
  5. Installed throttle and battery.
  6. Wires are connected according to the installation diagram.
  7. The chain is installed.
  8. Performed wheel centering (in order to adjust the chain tension and align the wheel with the body).
  9. The operation of the electric motor is checked. When you press the gas, it should slowly gain momentum.
  10. If everything works correctly, then the final fixation of all fasteners is carried out.
  11. Held brake pad check.

Important! There are no significant differences when installing an electric wheel in place of the front one. The difference is that there is no need to control the chain tension, and the rear wheel brake system is not affected. Otherwise, the procedure is similar — everything is done according to the attached scheme.

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