Faucets with a channel for filtered water: which one to choose?


We bet you don’t remember when you drank «raw» tap water. Most likely, you have a pitcher filter, an under-sink water treatment system, or another type of filter system. In this article we will tell you which faucet to choose for filters under the sink.

As a rule, such filters are equipped with a tap with a spout of small diameter — it is installed on the side of the sink. A standard solution, but increasingly such taps are being replaced by 2-in-1 faucets — devices that combine standard functions with purified water supply. This is convenient, and with the installation of such a faucet model, you do not have to drill holes for a small tap on the side of the sink or in the countertop.

How to choose a mixer, what are these models and how do they differ?

Types of faucets with a channel for filtered water:

— mixers with a dedicated channel for purified water;

— mixers with a common water supply channel.

IDDIS Pure faucets with filtered water channel

Mixers of the first type are rightly considered to be more in line with the very idea of ​​clean water. Such models have a dedicated channel for drinking water in the spout. This channel does not come into contact with the channel through which ordinary tap water is supplied. Thus, purified water without tap water impurities is supplied to our glasses from the mixer.

In faucets with a common channel, both tap and drinking water are supplied through the spout. Perhaps for some this is not critical, but we know that for many buyers this is one of the key issues when choosing.

Prices for faucets with a channel for filtered water

Prices for faucets that you can trust start at 11-12 thousand rubles. Anything cheaper may well work, but it is highly likely that not for long. The materials from which such mixers are made most often raise questions. Read more about how to choose a safe faucet here.

The average price for faucets with a channel for filtered water is 12-15-18 thousand rubles. For a higher price, you can buy a mixer complete with filter systems.

IDDIS® range

The IDDIS® brand today has several models of faucets with a dedicated channel for filtered water, they differ in control system and design.

Models of the Pure collection have a classic modern design, they differ only in the shape of the spout and the shade of the coating. Such models can be considered universal.

In the Pure collection, it is worth noting the model in which the supply of drinking water is carried out using a button on the spout. One movement — and the water is already drawn into the glass.

Mixer IDDIS Cuba

Of no less interest in this category of mixers is the Cuba mixer with one control knob! It looks quite traditional, but its functionality is surprising. When the handle is opened in the usual way (moving away from the mixer), tap water is turned on, its temperature is regulated as usual. When the handle is turned 90° towards itself, the supply of filtered water is turned on, which goes through a separate channel. The perfect 2-in-1 faucet!

All IDDIS faucets are guaranteed for 10 years.


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