Do you want skin like a baby?


Imagine that you have skin like a baby! Yes, even on heels, even in the summer and after the holidays!

Do you think this is possible only in dreams? Then one single word — keratolytics!

Cosmetologists and beauty masters have long been familiar with this miracle remedy and actively use it in their work. Do you think why even Achilles can envy your heels after going for a pedicure? The answer is still in one word — keratolytics.

But let’s take a closer look.

Keratolytics are drugs that effectively soften and dissolve dead skin cells. They come in the form of a thick, whitish or clear gel, liquid or foam and come in three varieties.

Acid. Contain in their composition fruit, glycolic, salicylic acids. They give a quick and long-term effect, and also: — nourish and moisturize, — promote proper blood circulation, — are the prevention of fungus.

True, they can cause allergies, so we recommend checking the reaction on a tiny area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin before use.

Alkaline. They contain ammonium, sodium compounds, potassium hydroxide, which dissolve the protein in the skin cells, destroying them. They act very quickly and the result is visible from the first application. But be careful! Alkaline keratolytics can thin the skin if used too frequently. Most often they are used for serious problems — calluses, deep cracks and corns.

Carbamide. They are made on the basis of urea, which has a healing effect on our skin. Keratolytics of this type perfectly stimulate regeneration, exfoliate, soothe and relieve itching. They are not only possible, but even recommended to be used on an ongoing basis.

By the way, let’s be honest, there are also contraindications for the use of keratolytics. If you have inflamed deep cracks in the skin, open wounds and irritation, or if you have an individual intolerance to the substances included in the drug, we recommend that you refrain from using the miracle remedy.

And if the above does not concern you, then feel free to include these funds in your beauty rituals.

Whichever version of keratolytics you choose, you should remember that this is not the case when you can’t spoil porridge with oil. Read the annotation, use strictly according to the instructions and order quality products from UR’LAB. Then you will be happy, benefit and compliments.


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