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In the modern world, on the streets you can meet people who ride a variety of devices — hoverboards, segways, electric scooters. In this list of newfangled means for urban transportation, you can add an electric longboard. Remotely, it looks like a skateboard, but it is much larger in size, and is driven not by a push of a foot, but by an engine. More about what an electric longboard is will be described in the text below.

Electric longboard device

An electric longboard is a subspecies of longboards that have two additional elements in the design. In addition to the deck, suspension, wheels, bearings and bushings it is equipped with a motor and a battery.

Electric longboard

On a note! Longboarding came from the USA. This kind of street sport was popular in the 50s of the last century, then it was replaced by skateboarders. Today, the longboard is experiencing a rebirth.

In the classical device, movement is carried out by pushing with the foot, similar to riding a skateboard. Electrolongboard has a control panel. It has a lever on it that starts the motor and the board starts to move. In this case, the turns are carried out in the same way as on conventional models — by tilting the deck.

An electric longboard, due to the presence of a motor, can reach a higher speed than a conventional one: values ​​\u200b\u200bcan reach 30-40 km / h. In this case, the average weight of the board with the motor is about 10 kg. Many manufacturers equip their boards smartphone applicationsin which you can track the trajectory of the trip, speed and distance traveled.

How to choose an electric longboard

At first glance, it seems that an electric longboard is a simple board on wheels with a motor, but everything is not so simple. Important criteria when choosing electric longboards are motor power and battery life, which is affected by battery capacity. On average, the power is 350 W, and the charge is enough to cover a distance of 30 km. Replenishment of the battery is carried out from the electrical network. You also need to pay attention to design features.


Deca is the base on which all elements are attached. It also has a rider on it. As a material for its manufacture, wood, plywood, polycarbonate, composite materials are used. In this case, the standards are decks made of 7 layers of Canadian maple plywood. Deca can be of various sizes and shapes. It all depends on the style of riding and the age of the owner.



Suspension is needed to mount the wheels, and it is also responsible for cornering. There are two types — traditional and reverse. The first has a mounting bolt directed inward. Due to this, the slope of the suspension is greater, which means that the turning radius is wider. In this case, the board sways more strongly, and at high speed it is much harder to keep balance. The reversing bolt is directed outwards. Models with this suspension feature flexible settings, and you can optimize the board for high-speed skiing or maneuvering. This increases stability.

The second difference between suspensions — material. It can be a high quality alloy, such as aircraft-grade aluminum or aluminum powder. The latter is much cheaper, but also less reliable.


Bushings are a kind seals. They are made of polyurethane, have different height, stiffness, diameter and shape. The need to change them arises as riding skills improve, when users begin to customize the board for themselves and are faced with the fact that tightening or loosening the suspension bolt is no longer enough.



Wheels are very important. The size is measured in millimeters. Most often it varies from 62 to 99 mm. Large wheels provide high acceleration and easily overcome small obstacles. With small wheels, the speed is lower, but its set is faster.

Important! When using small wheels, sensitivity is increased even to small cracks in the pavement.



Bearings are rated according to internationally accepted standard ABEC. The higher the standard, the longer and faster the wheels spin. There are standards — ABEC 3,5,7.

How to make a longboard with a motor yourself

Devices with a motor are expensive. Because of this, many who want to get such a sports equipment assemble a longboard with their own hands. This is not an impossible task, and all the necessary spare parts can be bought.


To control the board, you will definitely need a remote motor control. You can buy it and the motor in aircraft modeling stores. It is important to choose the right power so that the engine can set the board in motion with a person standing on it..


Advice! One or two engines can be used as a drive. The second option will be more expensive, but it will also add power. On such a device, it is quite possible to drive up a low hill.


battery will fit lithium iron phosphate type or lithium polymer. The first one is not capricious in operation and has a good capacity, but it is not the most compact in size. The second option is capacious, light, compact, but capricious. It must be charged in time and not allowed to be connected to electricity for a long time — this can lead to failure.


Important! The drive and battery need to be hidden in some kind of casing. Here the rider will have to turn on the fantasy. Sometimes aluminum is used for this. Do not forget that the design must have holes for ventilation and not be completely closed.


Do not forget that the motor attached to the board must be connected to the wheel. This will require pulleys. Buying them is real. in a radio store. The pulley is mounted on the axle in front of the wheel and is connected to the motor with a belt.



Depending on the skills and abilities, you can take a ready-made longboard as a basis and attach a drive to it, or you can completely make it yourself. Longboard board at home made from plywood. The optimal sheet thickness is 4 mm. It is worth remembering that the base usually consists of several layers. In the store, you can ask to dissolve a whole sheet of plywood into the necessary parts. To do this, you should think in advance what size and shape the deck will be.

Important! It is necessary to give the deck a bend before creating the shape. That is, first the layers are fastened together, then the workpiece is placed on a press (usually a day is enough), and only after that they cut out the shape, grind it, attach the skin, suspension, wheels and other spare parts.


It should be understood that cutting a shape with a jigsaw and gluing individual layers is not difficult, but giving it a bend without a special press will not work. If it is not there, then you will have to leave this idea and buy a finished board, wheels, suspension and other elements separately, and just assemble everything.


Creating a longboard with your own hands is real, but you should understand that you will need a certain tool, skills to work with it, materials and a desire to spend time on this. If one of these conditions is not feasible, then it is better not to start, as the result is guaranteed to be in the trash. It’s easier to save money for a ready-made version. The minimum price of the electric model starts from 10 thousand rubles.


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