Cooking with pleasure: how to clean fish without any hassle


Fish is considered a healthy and tasty product, but housewives, as a rule, hate fishing. And the point is not at all that men spend several hours in the company of friends (often with alcohol). The main reason is the need to clean the catch.

How to quickly and easily clean the fish without staining the entire kitchen with scales? This question was answered by «The most useful program».

To help cope with the catch, they came up with an unusual knife. It can be bought for about 200-300 rubles. According to the manufacturer, it will not only allow you to clean the fish faster, but also save time on cleaning.

Several details were provided in the design of the fish scaler:

  • a special container for collecting scales so that they do not scatter in different directions;
  • a small knife that will be needed for hard-to-reach places.

Using this «miracle» of technology is quite simple. There are also instructions on the back of the package if you can’t clean it right away.

What conclusions can be drawn from its use? Of the minuses, it stands out that the scales still scatter, there is no perfect cleanliness on the table. You still have to wash. But the fish scaler still collected some of the scales in a container. However, there are pluses: it cleans the knife well, clings to the surface perfectly. With a fairly large fish, the whole process takes no more than five minutes. In this case, you can make everything even easier and first pour boiling water over the catch.

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To complete the experiment, let’s try to use an ordinary knife. The fish of the same size had to be cleaned a little longer, and almost the entire studio was in scales.

As a result, it turns out that a special fish scaler is much more convenient. Yes, it will not be possible to collect all the scales, but a third remains inside. Pretty good purchase, especially for use directly on fishing. So you can quickly clean the catch and bring home a ready-to-eat product.


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