Choosing a flashlight on the forehead: important parameters


A flashlight on the forehead is considered a very convenient and functional device for a huge audience of users. And this is quite understandable. A bright headlamp is indispensable for representatives of many professions interested in illuminating the workplace. It is useful for fishing, useful for lighting the camp and very important for people who find themselves in a variety of critical situations. Headlamps today are presented in a huge assortment. The main thing is to choose the right model.


Scope of the headlamp

It is very difficult to describe the scope of such a product as a headlamp. The reason is their huge number. In fact, each owner of the device has his own thoughts and ideas on how to use it. Briefly, some of them can be formulated as follows:

  • putting on a simple and light LED flashlight on your head, you can read on a hike or in places where there is no electricity;
  • a battery-powered flashlight is an excellent assistant for operations with a jigsaw, milling cutter, and other tools that allow you to illuminate the area of ​​\u200b\u200bdirect work;
  • an inexpensive battery-powered model can become the main source of lighting for a small room, it will help you find your way easier in complete darkness;
  • a powerful lantern will illuminate the tent camp, help to deploy it at nightfall;
  • a device with beam focusing is indispensable for hunting, it allows you to inspect snares or traps;
  • the high-power headlamp is visible for tens of kilometers, and having a flashing mode, it will be an excellent beacon for search teams.

Headlamp in mountaineering

You can list many more options for using such an excellent device. It has the main advantage: a bright headlamp frees your hands. Modern devices of this class are light and can be worn on the head for a long time without causing fatigue.

In addition, headlamps are very durable and functional. Their design is simple, repair of the product in the event of a breakdown will not require significant cash outlays. The overall life of the device is very impressive. Especially if you buy a headlamp with a battery. Many models use a mobile phone adapter to restore battery capacity, while others come with a charger.

Flashlight with different charging

Features to consider when choosing

Today you can buy a headlamp in hundreds of stores, including large trading platforms such as Aliexpress or Yandex.Market. Resources on the Internet will offer dozens of different models. And among them, the user needs to choose one of the best headlamps that fully meets expectations. This can be done correctly and quickly if you pay attention to the technical characteristics of the device, the scope of delivery and the key features of its application.


The brightness of a block of LEDs or lamps is indicated in lumens. This characteristic immediately shows what the flashlight will be best used for.

  1. Up to 20 lumens can be read comfortably. The device will be convenient for fishing, unraveling fishing line or parsing nets. Will serve as an acceptable background light in a tent or small space. The advantage of models with such brightness is low cost and the ability to shine on batteries for hundreds of hours.
  2. Model for 20-100 lumens will be perfectly used in workshops, when working with hands with a requirement for illumination of the processing area. It will be useful for professionals engaged in the repair of fine electronics, making jewelry.
  3. Flashlight for 100-200 lumens can be used to illuminate a large area. For example, a campground or a picnic area. Will help on night hunting or fishing.
  4. Device for 200-500 lumens is quite expensive. The scope of such a flashlight is purely tactical. For example, in the role of a searchlight or a source of bright light for the police and other special services.

Even brighter models are used as a special purpose vehicle.. Rechargeable LED flashlight will serve as a good beacon for climbers. Divers work with such a light source. When hunting, searchlights of this class will allow you to quickly assemble a group or inspect a large area.


The angle of view of the flashlight, with which it directs the light, directly outlines the area of ​​its application. Solutions offered today with fixed and adjustable focus. The latter have a lens with a lens, plastic or glass. For lighting a large area or working at a short distance, wide-angle solutions are suitable. But cyclists will prefer a device that shines a hundred meters with a rather narrow beam.

Number of modes

A modern inexpensive flashlight on the forehead offers 3 modes. These are weak and intense light, as well as flashing flashes. More advanced models may have 5 or more modes.

On a note! Separate solutions for motorcyclists and cyclists have the option of a parking light. That is, they shine red or have a separate remote unit with its own battery.

Moisture protection

Even the cheapest headband can easily withstand the effects of sweat or splashes on the body without harming performance. More expensive solutions with advanced protection are able to work even in a downpour. Lanterns with insulation level IP67, IP68 they shine for up to an hour at a depth of immersion of 1 m (the standard sets 30 minutes). Special options for diving and other difficult work are protected from any effects of moisture.

waterproof flashlight

impact resistance

There are models on the market for which the manufacturer claims an extremely high level of durability. The same as the special version of the hand lamps for the police, used as batons. However, it does not make sense to choose such a protection class, since you will have to overpay. Enough for the device to withstand standard impact level in the form of a fall from a height of 1.2 m onto concrete.

Flashlight in the snow

Fastening system

If you want to get a flashlight for a wide variety of applications, you should choose a model with as many clasps and straps as possible.. Such a device is easy to put on your head, fasten on your shoulder, motorcycle helmet or handlebars, hang on your chest pocket or a separate harness. In order not to overpay, you should carefully consider what exactly is required from the lamp.

And, of course, you need to pay special attention to the main fasteners, the head strap system. Buckles for adjustment, rubberized fabric, high-quality pads without sharp corners or protrusions are required here.

Advice! If the flashlight should not fly off during intensive head movements, it is recommended to buy a model with a separate chin mount.


All careful selection of a headlamp according to its characteristics will be useless if the device is inconvenient to use. It means it’s worth try on a product. Check how conveniently located the switches and controls, mode selection buttons, and so on. The lantern should not weigh much. Sharp edges and protrusions are not allowed on its body. They can cause discomfort and become the point of formation of critical stresses when the device falls.

Hiking with a flashlight


Naturally, a bright headlamp consumes a lot of its battery power. For average models used in the workshop, the issue of autonomy is not critical. But for special purpose flashlights, you need to pay attention to the battery capacity. And if you don’t want to think about the remaining battery charge at all, you can buy remote block device. The batteries placed in it provide tens and hundreds of hours of luminosity even to an extremely powerful searchlight.


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