Children’s album: is it necessary and how to fill it out?


They have a lot of new and interesting things ahead of them. After the birth of the baby, one event follows another, one joy turns into the next.
How not to lose all these moments and carry them in memory for many years?
We know the answer.
To keep all the quivering moments of your baby’s childhood, do not forget to purchase, along with other mandatory attributes, the baby’s first album.

Why is it needed?

The first album is not just a photo album. This is an album for photographs of a newborn — it is kept from birth. Not only photos are pasted into it, but all important events are recorded. The album of the first year is made in the form of a large questionnaire, where you only need to enter the necessary data, illustrating each page with a photograph.

Usually, albums are subdivided into albums from birth to one year or from birth to 3, 5 or 7 years.
Albums up to a year are more detailed. In turn, albums up to 7 years old, with the same volume of pages, contain a longer period of life, but not in such detail.

The content of the first children’s album looks something like this:
1. Mom is waiting for you: a photo of mom with a tummy and ultrasound pictures.
2. You were born: the first data (metric), a place for tags from the maternity hospital.
3. Discharge, first day at home.
4. Your family.
5. Prints of the hand and foot of the baby.
6. Teething schedule.
7. Dictionary of first words.
8. First drawing.
9. Photos from 1 to 12 months.
10. First vacation, first holiday.

The best and most functional way to bind a baby photo album is with a spring or rings. Although book binding is closer aesthetically to many, an album is still not a book. The album has one very important feature — you need to paste photos into it. And photos have their thickness. The more photos in the album (and we want as many of them as possible — this is a photo album!), The thicker our album becomes as it fills up. The spine with a spring (and not with sewing or gluing, like a book) is initially, still empty, larger in size. But when photos are pasted into it, its pages will be proportionally distributed and the album will not «swell like a fan», but will look neat.

How to fill the album?

Photos in such albums are pasted on a regular glue stick. It’s very easy and convenient! But more patient and creative mothers can use special photo corners, decorative paper tape and adhesive tape. They will give the album a great decorative effect and its own unique look.

Glue stick can be of any brand. But it is better to choose a trusted manufacturer of a well-known brand. The glue should not be smeared with lumps, but applied evenly in a thin layer. Otherwise, no matter how dense the pages of the album are, they will go in waves due to excessive moisture.

Be sure to leave traces of the baby in the album. They can be made with finger paints or ordinary gouache on a separate piece of paper, and then cut out and pasted into an album. This will eliminate the case if the prints do not work out the first time — you can always take another sheet and try again. With the pages of the album, this will not work. Plus, the paint on the pages will dry for a very long time and the page itself can be damaged by moisture. It is very convenient to use special stamps for prints of handles and legs that do not stain the baby — you just need to press on them, attaching them to the page. They dry quickly and the page will not lead, because. dry stamp paint.

All accessories for filling the album and attaching photos can now be found in any stationery store.

We have been producing children’s albums since 2017. We have been working in this area for almost 5 years and have made tens of thousands of young mothers happy with our products. We rightfully call ourselves experts and leaders in this field! Over the years of existence, we have developed several lines of children’s albums that will suit any taste and budget. We highly recommend starting your acquaintance with the theme of children’s photo albums from our brand. Better yet, just trust the professionals and choose any of the albums you like!

For example, the album «The Story of Your Childhood» is a universal album of the Premium series from birth to a year. With a nice soft cover, envelopes inside and a beautiful ribbon, for greater safety of the contents. In the same series for girls there is a soft pink album «And the whole world is not enough», and for mothers of boys and lovers of blue shades — Premium album «Towards Dreams».

The album «We saw you in a dream» is also suitable for both boys and girls, but it goes from birth to seven years. It does not have ribbons and envelopes, but the price is more affordable, subject to the same quality workmanship and thoughtful content. His neighbors in the line are the gentle album «Our sweet bun» and the marine «Big World of the Little Man».

Mini-albums such as «House of the most vivid memories», «It’s your funny childhood» and «The first year of the most important discoveries» are made from the same quality materials and heavy paper, but have a smaller size and number of pages, due to which they are excellent suitable for a gift to friends or for those who do not want to glue and fill too much.

So that your memory does not fail you and all the data is not lost, it is imperative to record and maintain a children’s album.
The kid will grow up and will ask when he first went, spoke when his first tooth came out. Don’t you remember…
No matter how much you want to remember, memory is a very cruel thing and it will not be able to save all the little things that now seem so unforgettable to you.
Keep your kid’s past for his future. No one will do it except you. Only you can become the author of his album, just as you became the author of his life — after all, you are Mom.


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