At what height from the floor should the TV hang?


The installation height of the TV can cause some difficulties. The opinions of family members often diverge, or the owner himself is lost among two or three options. In reality, there are no strict requirements and rules in this regard, but there are a number of useful recommendations based on medical research and the technical features of the devices. It does not matter how many TVs are in your house, it is important in which room you plan to install them: in the bedroom, kitchen, living room. Based on the purpose of the premises, you can begin to calculate the ideal place for the panel.

TV installation

What affects the height of the TV on the wall

Several factors influence the choice of wall space for hanging a large screen and the height relative to the floor. The purpose of the room is taken into account: this is a living room, a bedroom or a kitchen and the existing furnishings. After all, it is important that the TV on the wall harmoniously fit into the interior, and does not spoil the aesthetics of the wall with wires. The main criteria in deciding the choice of placement of the TV in height are the dimensions of the room and the panel itself.

Square of the room

The area of ​​​​a house or apartment is one of the main criteria that influences the choice of a place to install a TV and the dimensions of a device purchased for a particular room. In a one-room apartment for comfortable viewing, a TV panel should be placed in a diagonal direction from the center of the sofa, bed or sofa. This approach allows you to see what is happening on the screen from anywhere in the room.

It is important that there is a power source in the immediate vicinity of the chosen place. The distance to the outlet, preferably a steam room, should not exceed 45 cm. It is also important that the TV panel is not opposite the window. Otherwise, glare on the screen will interfere with viewing.

Screen dimensions

The location is determined in direct proportion to the diagonal of the TV screen and the distance to the device. The larger the TV panel, the longer should be the distance to the placement of viewers, including the height in relation to the floor.

Moving away from the big screen narrowing the viewing angle. The interior items on which households sit down to watch TV programs affect the completeness of the review. You should take into account the height of chairs, armchairs, a sofa, as well as the arrangement of other furniture in the room, choosing the optimal place on the wall for the TV.

Methods for determining the height from the floor to the TV panel

Having previously decided on the place on the wall, you can begin to choose the height of the mount relative to the floor. You can choose the mounting location of the bracket, focusing on the feeling of comfort and aesthetics, or relying on mathematical calculations.

According to my own feelings

The method is simple, implemented collegially by adult household members. One needs to sit comfortably on the couch, close his eyes for a few seconds, and open them, look at the wall. In the place where the «viewer» is looking, the second one can mount the bracket. It would be useful to listen to the comments: to the left, to the right, a little higher or lower.

Important! With this method of height selection, the parameters of the distance from the viewing area to the screen and the diagonal of the TV, as well as the viewing angle are not taken into account. So there is a possibility of eye fatigue.

Mathematical calculations

The calculation is carried out taking into account the recommendations of doctors: the screen should be located at the level of the viewer’s eyes. Otherwise, image distortion will be observed. Also, the formula includes a coefficient that determines the distance from the wall where the TV is planned to be placed to the viewing point. The distance is determined by multiplying the coefficient by the diagonal length of the TV panel.

The value of the multiplier depends on the type of matrix (LCD or plasma) and resolution (720p or 1080p). For LED screens with a resolution of 720p, a multiplier of 2.3 is used, and for a resolution of 1080p, a multiplier of 1.6. According to mathematical calculations, the optimal height for different conditions varies from 1 to 1.3 meters.

Living room

In the living room, the owners receive friends, relatives, celebrate family holidays. In a word, this is where people spend most of their time, which means they watch TV from different points: from behind a desk, from armchairs, from a sofa or at a dining table. Conventionally, the optimal point of the middle of the screen is at a distance of 70 to 175 cm from the floor, and in most cases at a height of 1.2 — 1.4 m.

What should be considered first of all in order to understand at what height to hang the TV in the living room:

  • from what place you will watch TV most often: from the table or from the sofa;
  • diagonal;
  • the average height of all family members.

Installing a TV in the living room

If in the vast majority of cases you plan to watch movies or TV shows while sitting on the couch, then the height should be less, if from behind the table, then higher. Doctors recommend the following.

  1. The head should not be tilted forward or backward, this provokes an excessive load on the cervical regions.
  2. Distance from eyes to screen should be proportional to the diagonal of the monitor. The established standard is 1:2(3), that is, if the monitor size is 100 cm, then the distance should vary in the range from 200 to 300 cm for LCD panels, for ordinary TVs 25% more.

Note! Opposite the eyes of a person should be the center of the monitor or its upper third.

It should not be overlooked that television can have a negative impact on vision, both in adults and children. The cervical spine is also involved in the viewing process. Therefore, the advice of experts on the recommended distance from the eyes to the screen should be taken into account.

Often the answer to the question is found by itself when the panel is placed in special niche in furniture. This is not always correct: with this arrangement, the height of the TV may be lower / higher than necessary if the level of the sofa does not meet the standard, plus it is important to take into account your own height. It will not be superfluous to experience for yourself how comfortable such a height will be. If there is discomfort, then the location should be adjusted.

Installing a panel in a bedroom or nursery

The height of the LCD panel in the bedroom depends on the arrangement and parameters of the furniture, the ideal option is to place the TV on the wall, perpendicular to the bed. Thus, it is convenient to watch movies in a lying or half-sitting position. But parallel installation is also allowed.

TV installation in the children's room

The center of the screen should be in front of the eyes when viewing from a seated position, but note that the screen should be tilted approximately 30°. A distinctive feature of liquid crystal monitors is that when viewed at an angle, contrast is lost, the image darkens, which has a negative effect on vision. Panel tilt will provide a direct view from the position of «lying» or «semi-sitting».

It’s important to know! For maximum comfort, choose adjustable arms. Use them to tilt the panel or turn the TV left or right. If you’re thinking of a little rearrangement, or like to watch movies in different positions, the screen direction can be easily adjusted.

TFT LCD panels have a fairly wide viewing anglebut are sensitive to vertical deviation: a low position increases the contrast and darkens the screen, while a too high position, on the contrary, brightens the screen.

As for the nursery, then, when calculating at what height to hang the TV, rely on the height of the child. The panel should hang in such a way that during the game the kids do not touch it with their heads or hands, this can injure children, as well as ruin an expensive thing.

The active lifestyle of the younger generation means watching TV from different points: from the floor, from the bed, from behind a desk or even while standing. Therefore, it is difficult to calculate the optimal position; the individual situation of the room plays an important role here. It is important to take into account the angle of inclination so that the contrast and darkening of the picture do not harm children’s eyes and do not create stress on the spine, which is not yet strong at a young age.

TV in the kitchen

A good placement option within the kitchen is selected based on its area and purpose. If the room is small, it is most likely used for cooking and eating for one or two people. Here the device often serves as a background. A spacious kitchen can include a dining area, a sofa, a cabinet, which allows you to watch programs for a long time.

TV on the wall

There are three optimal places: on the bedside table; on the wall when the height of the center of the TV is between 1.2 m — 1.5 m from the floor; above the refrigerator. Can the TV be placed directly on the refrigerator? This neighborhood has certain nuances. It is also important to note:

  • the panel is not hung next to the stove, oven or water sources;
  • the center of the monitor should be located opposite the eyes in the “standing” position, when prolonged viewing is not implied, or from the “sitting” position if the kitchen is equipped and designed for relaxation;
  • sunlight from windows creates glare and reflections on the screen, this must be excluded rolled or thick textile curtainslocation.

Do not forget about your own preferences or habits. Such subjective problems cannot be solved based only on what experts and electronics manufacturers recommend. The height of the TV is always adjusted based on the most frequent viewing places, human height, comfortable postures.

Fastener types

Before hanging the TV on the wall, you should consider all types of fasteners recommended by the manufacturer. In most cases, each model can be purchased three types of bracket:

  • hard;
  • inclined;
  • universal (turns sideways or up / down).

The latter are the most convenient and expensive, the first two types are purchased if you are sure that there will be no rearrangements of furniture in the near future, and the planned position of the TV will be convenient. Rigid mount implies the presence of a small gap for the ventilation holes of the device — about a few centimeters. The TV will be installed permanently, without the ability to adjust the viewing angle.


Rigid bracket

Tilt brackets most often purchased to install a TV in the bedroom. They will allow you to change the position of the monitor vertically, which is convenient if viewing is carried out from different points alternately: from the table, from the sofa or from the floor, as well as sitting or lying down. The distance from the wall to the panel will be about 10 cm.

tilt bracket

Tilt TV Mount

If you plan to hang the panel in the bedroom or living room, pay attention to universal mount. The name speaks for itself, the user can set and change both the angle of inclination and rotate the panel to the left or right. When choosing a bracket of this type, you should not save too much: the presence of a large number of moving parts requires excellent quality metal and bolts, since the weight of the TV will exert a constant load. Read more about the different types of mounts in the article about choosing a bracket.

Universal bracket

Universal TV bracket

How to hang the panel yourself

If the user decides to refuse the services of specialists, then you can hang the TV on the wall yourself. This will require perforator or drill. A brick or concrete wall is strong enough to withstand a weight of over 30 kg, but for drywall this is the limit. A set of hardware for fastening the wall part of the bracket is included in the package, it is enough to make a hole in the wall and fix the profile.

It’s important to know! In concrete and masonry, a hole is made with a perforator using a concrete drill, and in wood or drywall with a wood drill.

After fixing the second part of the bracket to the panel and mount the TV to the wall. This completes the installation, you can start watching the movie.


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