A child takes toys from other children. How to react?


Many parents do not know how to behave when their child offends other children. Especially when he takes away toys. After all, here you need to calm the baby and explain that you can’t take someone else’s … How to do this, bypassing hysteria and a quarrel with the injured party?

First of all, you need to cope with violent emotions. To do this, we recommend the technique of several steps from the Clever Girl® set. We manage emotions.

Step 1 .Recognizing and understanding emotion. You need to hug your baby or look into his eyes and calmly discuss his emotion: “I see that you are angry (sad). You must have really liked the car. But it’s a boy’s car and he wants to play with it himself.»

Step 2 We accept emotion. Support the child in his experiences: “I know how frustrating it is when you don’t get what you want. If I were you, I would be angry (upset) too.”

Step 3 Regulate emotion and set boundaries. At this step, try to prevent conflict. • If your toddler tries to hit another child, stop him: “I understand that you are angry, but hitting others is not allowed.” • If another child is aggressive, hug your child and calmly say, «I understand that you’re upset, but you can’t hit my son (my daughter).»

  • Let your child feel the emotion. Let him be a little sad or angry, then give him another toy.
  • Have the children swap toys for a while. If the kids refuse or they are still in a bad mood, offer your child another activity.
  • Try to be attentive to the emotions of the second child. If you see that he is very upset, apologize. Give him his toy: “Look, here is your car! She is very beautiful. Don’t worry, we won’t take her.»
  • Invite your child to play with you. Doing something together, like building a sand tower, is a great way to make peace and make friends.

Recommendations for parents on other conflict situations can be found in the “Clever Girl®. Managing emotions»


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